My WR 426 is getting better, or is it me ?

I just had a friend check my suspension set up. I'm doing a lot of MX track these days and I was commenting how my bike reacted on hard landing. The infamous pogo motion. On his suggestion I ajusted the clickers all around. Mainly slowing the return action. And WOW, my bike has changed for the better. No more pogoing. The bike reacts just as it should. jump, land turn and brrrap !!! It still no featherweight, just like me :cry: :cry: :lol:

I don't know if I'm getting better but the borders of ignorance are backing off. :lol:

Thanks to all of the guys that care enough to share their knowledge. :cry: :cry: :cry:

How heavy are you? And what settings did you dial in?

I'm new to the WR426, but I've noticed the trampoline effect.


I weigh 225 lbs without riding gear. All my clicker setting are all 2 or 3 clicks from full in. It works not too bad for a track but I go back to the original setting that are in the manual when I trail ride. :cry:

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