Uni Filter oil

Uni Filter states that you must use their filter oil and filter cleaner....anybody used anything else?

Yeah, I use no-toil oil and cleaner and the filter fell apart.


Don't know about the UNI filter. I am happy with the stock one. I clean it every three rides and no dirt has gotten past it into the airbox.

I used to use gasoline, outdoors and and in a shallow pan. This is not safe and it destroys the adhesive holding the two layers of the stock filter together.

Now I soak the filter with Dawn dishwashing detergent and cover with very hot water (in my stainless steel kitchen sink). I let it sit a while and then knead the foam with my fingers. I roll-up (do not twist) the filter to squeeze out the dirt. Repeat a second time and it is clean.

Let the filter dry. Spray with filter oil then roll up filter in both directions to spread oil out evenly.

This takes a little longer but works great. That's why I have two filters and do this at my leisure. No expensive treatment solutions are required.

Great idea with 2 filters!! That way one's always ready to go! I do that with chains too, & it spreads the use so your sprockets/chains last longer. B. Jimi

I sqease varsol through it,and then rinse it repeatedly with Sunlight and warm water. :)

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