Will my YZ426 wheels fit a WR400?

sounds dumb, but I gotta know if they will bolt right up. :cry:

They should bolt straight up, although I beleive the earlier YZF/WRF's had a different rear sprocket. If you use the complete wheelset off a YZ426 (spacers, sprocket etc), you should be fine, but you won't have a speedo'/odo' drive with the YZF front wheel.

98 is the last year of the old sprocket bolt pattern.

So 99-present use the same sprocket. The hubs are different because of this.

With the WRs you are using a 21/18 F/R tire setup. The YZ is 21/19. Dont know if you knew this. They are interchangeable on the rear. If you have a 98 bike, and get a 99+ rear hub, you will need a new 99+ year sprocket out back.

Up front, you will not have the ears on the hub for the odometer as mentioned. Thus go buy the YZ spacers for the wheel.


Will you be getting rid of your 18" rear wheel? I am interested in purchasing it if so.



Charlie my rear wheel is a 19...but not looking to sell, thanks though. :cry:

I looking at a set of 98 YZ400 wheels and want to know if they will fit on my 00WR400. From the postings it sounds like yes. I am aware of the 18/19" difference and thats ok. I just want to be sure the hub width and disk diameter are the same. I looked up so parts numbers and the brake pads are the same but the brake rotors (rear) are diffferent numbers. Is this because of the different bolt pattern?

Thanks in advance,


Didn't the '98s have thinner diameter axles?

Ok if the axle is thinner would I be able to use a 98 axle and nut? The wheels include the spacers.

front wheel uses the same 6904 bearing (like 97-present there)

The rear wheel on the 98 uses a 6004 bearing. The 99+ use the 6072 bearing. You will have to get into a Timken or similar bearing book to look up the specs on those bearings to see if the ID is the same. If it is, you are good with the correct spacers.

Does anyone have a source of bearing specs? I have found the 6004 listed as 20x42x12 but cannot find a listing for the 6072.

OK got the scoop on the wheels. Unfortuately the 98 wheels will only fit a 98 bike due to the different axle size. :cry: The 98 has a bearing with a 20mm ID and the 99 and up have a bearing with a 22mm ID. Can't even fit the new bearings on the old wheels because the OD went from 42mm to 44mm. So if anyone wants a set of 98 wheels with spacers and discs for $250 let me know and I'll get you the contact info.

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