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A.P Linkage , '02 WR 250

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I know that this is not the proper forum, but i thought i would post it on this side also to see if i could get some input.

Guys, i need to know how your linkage operates normally. I had my carb apart this weekend for general P.M and noticed that when i held the slide wide open, the linkage did not go all the way down to the metal stop moulded in the side of the carb housing, it still had travel left, like the spring that actuated it was meeting with resistance.

I have not messed with this linkage and thusly i do not know what normal operation looks like. I took care of my bog with lj's. I can advnace the linkage manually with my finger to the stop with no resistance and it still discharges fuel.

Examining the linkage, it seems pretty simple. Two opposing springs and a actuator rod. I checked the rod, it was straight. I checked for gunk in the pivot of the arm, it was clean.

Before i go any further, i would like to get some advice from someone that knows what a properly operating unit should do. I do not want to create a problem if one does not exist, know what i mean???

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