wr450 general info needed

hey guys first timer with a few questions

o4 wr 450 just starting to do some hare scrambles with it,tight woods rocks,roots, and ruts. free mods done. love the bike but it seems to die a lot off throttle, just shuts off. any clues? also thinking about a gps unit for the bike can anyone recomend one? one more, thinking about riding in the turkey creek enduro but have have not been in an enduro event before. wondering exactly how it goes down i.e. starting procedure, scoring process, total miles,course conditions, all that good stuff. going just try to finish and have some fun but it would be cool to know whats happening. thanks

Try adjusting your idle mixture screw both in and out. Mine needing some tweeking from the stock setting.

There is a lot to know/learn about running an enduro. The best thing is to go out and run one with a friend who knows what he is doing and doesn't mind helping you along. If you own a WR, the minimum you will need is a route chart holder ($20) and a hydration pack, but if you are serious, you will want a better computer/speedo that will display average time, and allow resets. Some basic tools and flat fixing equipment would be good. There will be fuel stops, resets, checks (known and hidden), and lots of different terrain.

Go over and ask those questions in the TT Off-Road forum . Good luck. Even with all of the mental stuff, they are huge fun, and you will get in a day's worth of riding.


Make sure that your idle is set up high enough. I think the manual says 1800 to 2000 rpm.

Ride fast-take chances.


Have you taken the baffle out of the muffler? For your dead spot do as chipwich said about turning out the fuel screw first. If that doesn't take care of it you may need to change to a bigger main jet. Mine had the same problem and I change the mj to a #165 with the stock unbaffled mufffler.

Enduros are great fun I did my first one in May. Everyone will start off in a group of 4 or 5 every minute and there will be check pionts every so often along the course. There will be a avg speed for each section and the goal is to stay at that speed between the resets. Since there is a set avg, and also a set amount of time for each section, which the goal is to show up at check points at the correct time for your group. If early they deduct more points than if your late. The person with the least amount of points wins. Points differ between whos sponsering the event,usually for being early you recieve 5pts for the first min and 1 or 2 pts each add min, for being late I think it's 2pts for the first min and 1 each add min.

You really don't need a roll chart, which I used and spend to much time rolling when all you need is a laminated paper taped somewhere that as the mileage/ times at which the resets are and the avg speed between them.

Now for the time keeping if you find a clock with a stop watch you can take the time your at and the mileage and calc your avg on the fly or get a enduro comp that will do it. Personally I used a cheap clock that you can get in the automotive section at walmart and the odo on the bike. I kept time for the first three check points and gave up because I wasn't close enough to being early or on time and just rode as hard as I could and was 45min out by the end of the short course.

The length of enduros vary, novice/beginners like myself do the short course which is about 50-80 miles and the experts do 2 laps and are 100+ miles.

The enduro I entered had sections which allowed you to choose a hard path or easy path. Most of it is tight trails that the avg person can ride. If you finish it's a great accomplishment and you'll have agreat day's ride where for me I can't normally ride so it's worth the money to enter.

If you want more details on it go to http://www.blackjackenduro.com/.

Another thing bring some tools and a tube with you just in case you break down usually they won't come get you until the sweepers come thru at the end of the race. I rode the last 5 miles on a front flat which was hell and lost a few positions I'm sure. I still place 6th in Open C class for my first enduro. Try it you won't regret it. Remember finishing is the main goal.

Where is the Turkey Creek enduro?

Good luck :cry:

thanks for the heads up, turkey creek enduro is in the new paris indiana area, north-central indiana 10-31.

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