Baja Designs...A+...

I installed a Baja Designs dual sport kit last night, and I must say, the component quality and directions are some of the best I've ever come across. I installed the kit in about 3 hours, taking my time. Anybody out there considering a Dualsport kit, should heavily consider Baja Designs...!!!

I installed the same kit on my old KLX and the instructions are very good.The hard part is the DMV registration.The kit comes with all the paperwork but if the person at the DMV is not fimiliar with the process it can be a nightmare.It took me over an hour to do mine but I made it through with only one trip.When I bought my 400 the kit was installed and the dealer took care of the plate so that made it really cool.Hopefully the DMV people in your area know how to do it.Good Luck!

Glad to hear it! I just ordered the kit from Baja Designs this week and will be expecting it in the mail soon. Will let the group know how installation and registration goes.

billyj: How sturdy does the kit seem? Do you think the signals will survive a typical fall?

Kurt Penner

Second that A+ on Baja Designs...for one-stop shopping, they're hard to beat & have incredible knowledge/customer service!! Helped me with all the 650L mods!!

If you want to get a plate in Kalifornia, I'm pretty sure you need to have the pink slip (no lien holder). Anyone contemplating laying down 400 bucks for the kit and doesn't hold a free and clear title on the bike may want to check this out. That said, I put a Baja Designs kit on my bike a year ago. Damage so far- 1 broken tail-light and the hydraulic brake switch needed replacing. Not too bad considering 99% of my riding is done off-road. Going to the store for a gallon of milk has never been so fun, since I got my plate!.

The only drawback to the BD 650 kit is the rear tail light. It hangs below the fender and will

catch on the tire. After destroying mine and losing my license plate in the process, I went with an Acerbis light that mounted above the fender (this is the same light that comes with the XR400 kit).


Baja Designs claims that the turn signals are copies of the ones that KTM uses on their RXC. I happen to have a buddy who has a 620 RXC, and his stock turn signals have held up really, really well. The fronts are tucked in real close and with some triple clamp mounted bark busters, they should be okay. The rears do stick out into the open, especially on the left side. I've whacked the left side pretty hard, several times getting on/off of the bike, and they are tougher than the stock ones I used to have on my old DR 350. I plan on replacing the rears with flush mounts after my inspection, and saving the old ones for spares for the front. I have yet to touch the sides of my bike down on terra firma yet, but I know it's inevitable...hahaha. I'll let you know how they hold up then.

As far as the rear tailight, I'm going to trim the end off flush with the plate. If I wasn't worried about getting rear ended at a stoplight, I would just remove it, and go with the stock light w/dual bulbs.

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