92 HP turbo XR650R on eBay

Here's the text from his eBay ad...



2001 Honda Xr 650r Supermoto, street legal, 11:1/2:1 compression ratio piston, custom stage 3 hot cam(holds intake valves open as long as possible), Hrc cam chain, Hrc connecting rod, All titanium valves, springs and keepers, head is shaved, full port and polished, CFO Turbo, running just over 92hp at the rear wheel, top speed of 128mph, Doma dual sided full exhaust, Eldebrook quick silver carb, All SRC case guards,fork guards, oil temp gauge, moose gold chain, renthal sprockets, excell 17" black rims, gold talon hubs, 160/60/17 & 120/60/17 metzler sportech tires, full polished frame, Ims wide foot pegs, Motomaster 16" disc ans supermoto caliaper, elin street kit( horn,lights,blinkers,etc) accerbis diamond headlight, Trail tech spedo, gunnar kill, GPR steering stabilizer with tripple clamp, Tag T2 bars, pro grips, custom painted plastics, accerbis supermoto fdr, accerbis hand guards, XGXracing devourer graphics, asv, perchs, carbon fiber levers, SDG high seat, and tons of extras... boxes of plastics, headlights, graphics, lvrs, carb stuff, cams, you name its there, THIS BIKE IS MINT!!! CLEANER THAN NEW< you wont be and could not be dissapointed, the bike has just over 2000mi on it, and pulls the 1/4 mile in 12.7 sec the only thing that you might get from this bike is scared or hurt.. :cry: IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS CALL Rob at (207) 651-7374


Bruce, it's time for you to ad a Turbo to your Barnums powered XR680R :cry:

Smells a little fishy. 11.5:1 comp on a turbo setup?

Thanks for the "heads-up" on this 'unique' XR650R. I've been interested in turbo-charging of single cylinder engines. I really wish he would have had some pictures of the actual turbo installation. I am going to send the seller a question message and see if he just might have some pictures of the actual turbo setup!! :cry:

Yeah...... 11.5:1 CR sounds a bit steep especially with this installed;

custom stage 3 hot cam(holds intake valves open as long as possible),

After re-reading the discription I'm sure the brains/engine builder(s) behind the engine build up had a good reason for using the cam they did........I'd certainly be interested in learning more about their turbo-ing background!! It sticks in my mind that I recall from reading about turbo applications that you were certain to get max fill after the turbo spooled up even with a stock/mild cam as the engine was pressurized and not relying on vacuum to get the A/F mixture into the combustion chamber!???? :cry: :cry:

Happy 'XPLRN' :cry: :cry:

92 hp would be fun on the street. That thing would be a roost slinging, rock throwing mo-fo in the dirt. :cry:

I spoke with the bikes owner today out of curiosity. The "turbo" is not a traditional one which uses exhaust gasses to create boost, but rather an "atomizing" turbo from a company in Connecticut. The bike's owner is going to fax me the literature on the unit. I'll post what I find out.




If you talk to the owner again, ask him what a stage 3 Hot Cam is. :cry:

I wonder why he didn't use the stage 4 HotCam instead of a modified stage 3 :cry:

there was a turbo-charged XR650R in the Paris Dakar...a guy from Sweeden raced it. Not sure what kind of cam he used.

I have a 'stage 3' cam in my Baja 1000 bike. Its a custom grind that Barnum made. Its well past the HRC stage 2. In fact the valve stays open so long its hard to get it to idle smoothly... While not for everyone, the cam does have its merits...

If memory serves me, the Seedish guy ran a traditional turbo.

Speaking of turbos, the new generation of micro-turbos are not your fathers turbo units...turbo lag is largley a thing of the past. Turbo technology has advanced significantly in recent years.

For sure Ward, i am very curious to hear what you find...we can catch up in Baja in just a few weeks!

Ya, I was thinking I needed just a tad more Power:LOL:. My bike isn't all that much more off the line (up to 2000rpm) then a stock bike opened up with all the extra goodies but, once you get up in the "R's" it's way more then a stock bike could ever be......the only way I can say it is "it like the the power never stop" and on a stock bike it deffenetly does. The nice thing is it even gut wrenching power form bottom to top through the rpm's.....I was thinking Nitrous to go along with that Turbo....I can;t believe it's running more then a 8:1 compression piston but, like Mike said, Torbo's have come a long ways with the fast waist gates and all.

turbo lag is largley a thing of the past.

Variable vane technology has helped to reduce turbo lag.

There was no turbo lag in our 800 HP twin turbo Tatum black widow spyder dual sport buggy. It would stand up at practically any speed at the sand drags with the right tires installed, but it was a blast in the deserts or on the roads. I do miss it :cry:, but it was mostly a trailer queen at my house and at a few shows. I'm glad it's getting used now, but it doesn't have the bling that it used to and it's been crashed twice since I sold it. The only turbo things I have now are diesel trucks and a turbo T/A, but it would be nice to at least take a quick spin on a turbo BRP :cry:

There are even electric turbos that have an electric motor type drive built into the center section to spool them faster than exhaust alone can.

I too am skeptical of the compression. Street legal, but does it run on pump gas? Yeah right. Although, if it makes an honest 92hp, then the compression had alot to do with it. The headwork made the most difference, however. And turbo engines DO like the right cam. Less overlap is usually better so you dont blow the fuel out the exhaust.

XPLRN - I have a turbo 10hp Briggs & Stratton project in the works. Goal is 50hp, expectaion is to blow the cylinder off the block. Crank trigger ignition and fuel injection a possibility. :cry:

I had a 2000 TE610 that was 34hp stock and after I had it balanced, ported, and just about everything gone through by HRT racing in Chico, CA it was supposed to be at 70Hp at the rear wheel. I was unable to start it with the kicker, I could stand on the level with my 240 pounds and it wouldn't budge.

They added a custom built single piece ring, and some other goodies, compression must of went from 9.?:1 to 12+:1 easy. I roll started it and it did 50+ in 3rd and was a 6 speed. Scared me, just too much power.

I sold it to a desert race guy and while practicing he shattered the rear hub when he gassed it doing 128mph in the desert, or at least that's what he told me.

Same dyno my KTm 525 makes 46, and my YZ450 makes 48. I'm much happier on those whimpy bikes, 70hp was just too much for me (at least in the dirt.) My knuckles turned white just on a sort ride. Not to mention kicking on it 4 hours one day til my girlfriend got tired of riding around the track waiting for my beast to start. :cry:

If you want a massive HP bike, start with E-start.


A TE610 is only 577cc and you got 70hp out of it? WoW! I went 12:1 piston, cam, the works, over bore on a XR600 and only got 48hp. I hated it once it got hot. Never richened it back up from the Dyno run. Once HOT it would not start inless you pulled the plug and put it back in. (didn't have a hot start button back then). It is amazing what shops can get out of engines now a days.

The TE doesn't have a counter balancer, so that lightens the mass that has to be spun. They removed the auto-compression release, cause those always rob some power. The single piece ring was bleeding edge (there's no gap, two interlocking halves form a complete ring), they put KTM whobbly foot vavles in (more reliable), a larger spark plug (supposed to make it easier to start?? didn't seem to help), larger vavles, ported the head, and the carb. Custom exhust (megaphone style, looked ugly too me, but made more power), custom carbon fiber air box that wrapped around the shock and had a lot of holes drilled in it to get maxium air flow.

I don't remember everything, but the work order was 2-3 pages long, and the bill was $2,500. :cry:

The guy that did the work used to build dragsters before getting into bikes. He went crazy on this project.

Actually at first I just wanted it balanced cause the stock husky shock like crazy. Balancing was $1,500, so for just a little more I got a buch of stuff I really didn't want, but didn't know that til it was too late. :cry:

Trust me, 70hp is too much for most guys. This bike was flat out scary. (if you could start it)

So if you turbo a xr650r and have it built right to make 70+ hp, how long can you expect your engine to last before a rebuild?

I'm not even close to being able to afford some like this, but a boy can dream.

And also what would be involved in a rebuild on a bike like that? Just piston and rings?

"Atomizing" turbo?  I'm anxious to know what in the world that is.  I'm wondering if it has a turbulator installed in the intake and the owner just calls it a turbo. 


To say I'm skeptical would definitely be putting it lightly.  A turbo compressor wheel is driven by exhaust and that's it.  Please post that info if you get it.

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How long would something like that last?


How long would something like that last?

You realize that you're asking questions about posts made 12 years ago, right?


If someone responds, at least we'll find out if something like that can last 12 years. ;)

I didn't really mean about that specific bike. I meant a turbo ed xr650r.

Theoretically how long would one last between rebuilds us all im asking

Probably about 10 minutes if ridden hard..lol



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