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Pictures from our Taneum ride Oct. 2

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I arrived at the Junction a little before 9:30. A group of 9 of us left the Junction some time after 10:00. Three of the riders I had

never ridden with before. It's always nice to see new faces and meet new people. We only had one bad injury during the ride. Little

Jeff of KTMTALK smashed his big toe against something and turned it black and purple. It really hurt, so later in the ride he went ahead

of everyone back to camp so he could take his boot off. The week before Carlq, also from KTMTALK had a sharp twig or something go

right through his boot and foot and tear a tendon. It cut so deep the bone could be seen. It took over 30 stitches I believe. He is out

for the season.

For those of you who like to look at a map and follow a ride visually, below is a detailed description of the entire ride. This ride covered

51.9 miles.

We decided to ride 1363 to the Fishhook flats/SouthFork intersection. This is trail 1378 which we followed all the way down to the

SouthFork and 1366 which is the Frost Mt. trail. We followed 1366 all the way to the lookout on Frost Mt. and then continued down

1366 till we we hit the 1385/1207 Juncion. We took 1207 which is the Hereford meadows trail but had to turn around and take 1385

due to logging on 1207. We took 1385 to 1386.1 which we followed to 1386 which goes through Keenan Meadow. We followed 1386

until it hooked into 1207 bypassing the logging which had caused us to turn around on 1207 earlier. Now we were able to ride through

Hereford Meadows on 1207 all the way to Quartz Mt.. We stopped on Quartz and enjoyed the view of Mt. Rainier, took pictures and ate

lunch. From Quartz we took 1388 all the way to 1321 which we rode to Windy Pass. From Windy Pass we took 1326 all the way back to


Early on Trail 1363 we stopped to talk and regroup.


Below the fellow in the middle wearing yellow is GregM of TT.


Below is Ron and Ivan, TT riders who were new to our rides.


The next shots are taken on the Frost Mt. lookout. There is even a group photo of the guys.



Below from left to right are: GregM, (Sorry I don't know the name of the fellow in blue to Gregs left, help me someone), Ron, Pat, Jeff, Troy,

Ivan and Roy.



As we traveled down trail 1207 through Hereford Meadow I came across a secret breed of Elk. Very rare. In fact one of them is cross

bred with pure light so it can walk in sunlight and not be seen. It had the ability to turn on this wonderous camoflage at will. The only

reason my camera caught it was due to the dark green background. Be care full they have guardian protectors hired by the federal

government watching over them. Look very closely in the shadows of the right corner of one of the pictures and you will see the guardians.

I was unaware of their presence when I first took the picture. Such stealth is amazing. Whew, what I have to go through just to cover

up a bad picture.

:cry: :cry: :cry:



The group stopped for another break on 1207. (Mystery man declare your self)


We arrived at Quartz Mt. and I took another group shot and some pictures of Mt. Rainier. There was a forest fire not far from this area

and the smoke put a haze over the Mt.




Finally back at camp some of the riders and their families were enjoying camping out at the Junction.


Below is a picture of a future dirt biker with his family at the Junction. Notice the position of his hands (gripping the bars in the attack

position) and the alert eyes. We definately have a future champion rider here.


And finally, what would any ride be without a pretty young lady to comfort the eyes after a long day of riding. This is Troy and his

14 year old daughter. Pretty isn't she?


I hope you all enjoyed the ride as much as I did. Lets do it again and again and again. :cry:

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Looks like a ball! I can't wait to get involved! :cry:

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