Is my frame true???

Hi guys,

Hopefully some of you experienced guys can help me with this one?

I just bought a brand new 2004 YZ 250 brought it home put a works connection glide plate on it and some rad braces.

Put it back up on the stand and it leans slightly to one side. Is this normal???

I broke the bike in (1 hour) and didnt notice any tracking problems in the dirt or anything. I guess I've just never noticed any of my other bikes do this.

Yes the glide plate is installed correctly and is tight to the steel frame.

Is this normal ?


Hows the stand?

the stand is straight and the floor is level.

anyone else? :cry:

It's almost certainly your stand. Mine does the same thing, depending on far to one side you push the stand in before jacking it up. Once on the stand, grab the bike and try and lean it the other way and I'm sure you'll see a fair amount of slop/play in the stand.

No it is not the stand.

I am pretty sure it is the two bottom tubes.

Today I took off the glide plate and put it back on the stand and it still leans very slightly (2-3 degrees) to the right.

I took the bike off turned the stand and placed it back on.

I did this a few times and it still leans.

I called a dealer and told them that I was looking at a used bike that was doing this (to get an unbiased response) and he said it should be okay and that it wouldn't make any difference in the bikes tracking anyway. He said that all bikes have a little quirk and told me not to let it scare me off if it is in good shape (no damage).

Any comments????

what sort of stand are you using. If you're using one of the aluminum ones many people use (me included), it's is almost definitely the stand. My bike always looks like it's tilting to one side when on the stand. (not the best product either). Maybe check your stand with a level, and check for slop when you've got the bike on it, as previously recommended.

Seriously guys... it is not the stand.

As I said, I repositioned the bike a few times while rotating the stand each time. It always leans slightly to the right.

Trust me it is not the stand... it is the bike.

Does anyone else notice this sort of thing when looking at their own bike or am i losing it????

Although the lean is very slight, is this an issue???

Can anyone offer any comments or advise ???

Do any other bikes out there lean while on a stand?


DAMN IT! IT IS THE STAND! WE should know better than YOU how YOUR bike sits on the stand :cry:

Just kidding. I wouldn't sweat it. If you are not having handling issues, just ride the darn thing and enjoy it.

It always bugged me to go out into the garage and see my bike leaning to one side on the stand. It would always APPEAR to lean even more after a day of riding and a couple of crashes. It used to drive me nuts and I spent a whole lot of time trying to figure out if I had a bent sub-frame etc.

Leaning bike on the stand and living with it.

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