Rare sighting! Indy_WR450...

...on a Suzuki?? :cry::cry:


Whats up with that :cry:

Although I have seen him on a CRF250X also :cry:

Looks right at home... :cry:

I am seeing the world in DRZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:

This also happens to be my favorite riding position! :lol:

MOAB was a blast!!!!!!!! :cry:

Cant wait for the helmet cam footage from Dave! :cry:

I must say that is one of the best video's that I have seen. I probably looked like a fool watching it here at work. What is that black deal on your front fender? :cry:

That Daves's fender bag strap. The bag helps keep the front wheel down! :cry:

:cry: :cry:

It was a SETUP! That's a cardboard cutout of Indy! No WR rider could make the change to team yellow.....could they? :cry:

I must say that is one of the best video's that I have seen. I probably looked like a fool watching it here at work. What is that black deal on your front fender? :cry:

That video of Porcupine is awesome! That is one Knarly little goat path! :cry:

Awesome rim trail footage. :cry:

Finally got stupid Windows media player to work. That is some really great footage guys. Keep it coming!

What kind of helmet cam are you using? It did a nice job whatever it is.

P.S. I liked how you guys were courteous to the mountain bikers.(I am one too) In the one shot I had to laugh. Your dropping in some pretty gnarly rock section and the mountain biker is at the bottom, you still manage to let out a "Howdy!" :cry:

Cool. :cry:

It's a 380 lines camera from Helmetcamera.com. It's been working pretty good so far.

Yeah, I try to be as courteous and friendly as I can be to the mtn. bikers when we're sharing the trails and always yield the right of way to them. Most are very cool to us but had one tell us to ride off a cliff at Slick Rock (two years ago.) There's a butthead in every sport... :cry:

David forgot to mention that his downloaded video resolution is half of the real video resolution his camera picks up. I saw the video footage in full resolution on a TV in the trailer. The footage quality is unbelievable! I cant wait to get my DVD from David. :cry:

GREAT VIDEO!!! ddialogue it looks like you are cookin through that technical stuff. Indy, I hope you have a helment cam when you come down to Baja.. Thanks for sharing that.. :cry: :cry:

Hey Big Jim. I am planning on getting a helmet cam to shoot Brandon in front of me but it may be to dusty. We got real lucky in Moab it rained heavy for 2 days just before we got there. :cry:

That's the best footage I have ever seen!!! :cry:

Dave,Dan,Indy,Bart,Landon,Cameron and Ryan I really enjoyed meeting and riding with all of you. An incredible bunch of guys. Great riders, tourguides, mechanics, cinematographers. The list could go forever. I'll stop at friends. Fantastic riding, fantastic company. A perfect trip. THANKS GUYS!!!! :cry:

WOW :cry: :cry: that video is awesome! My favorite part is Dan stuck on a rock :cry:

Very nice video!

That is probably twice as nasty live.

I was thinking the same thing. I don't know who was filming (Dave?) but on the ridge when he looked over and down at the canyon I nearly shat myself. NO ROOM FOR ERROR THERE! Makes my silly little switchbacks here seem like childs play. I may smack a tree at 50, however, I don't require a parachute to ride my trails. :cry: :cry:


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