Rare sighting! Indy_WR450...

man, that was a blast! talk about nice vids! :cry:

I agree great video. It brought back some great memories. But I was dissapointed that you didnt include much of that ravine about a mile from the end of the trail where you have to carry the bikes up and down the ledges. When we did it we kept passin bike riders and they kept tellin us "you cant get thru this way on those motorcycles" and I was gettin worried but our trail boss kept sayin yes we can. As I recall we lowered the bikes down several 3 and four foot ledges where there was no room for error and then on the other side of the ravine it took all 5 of us to lift the bikes one at a time up this one 5 foot ledge. It also amused me that as we rode the trail we kept passin cluster after cluster of bike riders with flat tires. We also passed one group of bike riders that had one member that looked like he was about ready to quit and call in a chopper for an airlift out and he was only at about the half way point. Not a ride for beginers huh. Tim

A couple of guys (Dave Dialogue and Landon) rode down those ledges! Most of us walked our bikes down beside them. We all rode up the 5 foot ledge (12" wide landing area) with the guys spotting below the ledge. It was a fun trail. Video does not do it justice ( makes everything look flatter then it really is). The narrow goat path next to the canyon is very scenic. The rocks on the path are very tecnical and require a lot of clutching to get through. :cry:

Toxic T ... More like warm milk at nap time

said i'd bring the devils wood

got a blizzard at the eisenhower tunnel

coming from virgynia 29 hours ealier

unregistered untaged uninsured

1 week new (to me) 01' Toyota Tacoma Full Full

turned around went to boulder & got leagal

My shart is now straight and ridin


Yeah Toxic, Where was all that wood for our campfires! :cry: Had to put out serious cash for local wood again! :cry: Oh well just like spoiled milk??? :cry:

Wow! That looks like too much fun! I don't want to be stupid, but where is that place located (state, city) Also, does anyone know what those mountain sized dunes were called in Idaho? I would like to go there, but know not of the location :/


Moab, Utah!!!! :cry: :cry:

The dunes are located 15 miles west of Rexburg, Idaho. They called the park St. Anthony Sand Dunes. They're supposedly the 3rd largest dunes in the United States! :cry:

Hey Indy... Did you ever get a back and blue mark on your hip from your accident at 10-mile wash? :cry:

Oh Yeah. Just bruising yellow blue, red, purple etc. All the colors of the rainbow. :cry: But it really did not bother me to ride. Got away lucky on that endo! :cry:

That is the last time I use a trials front tire for high speed desert riding! Painful experiment! :cry:

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