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Home made Highflow Exhaust Baffel (Replaces origonal Baffel)

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This is a new Exhaust baffel I made to get rid of the other standed baffel I got with the bike. I used to take the baffel out some times to get a bit more power but the noise got annoing after a while so i kept on putting the quiet baffel in soon after.

I thought, with the baffel in it was just too damn quiet and restricted so I though there must be a way of making one myself that had perfect exhaust flow, but just took that loud edge off the sound!

So I went down to my local bike shop and asked if they could give me an old (New but not wanted) baffel I could have. And they did, and I took it.

So I took it back to the workshop and choped it up to see how it worked. First I cut the front off, cause I knew I would definatly need that bit. With the rest of it, I cut the ends of that buldged bit in the middel of the baffel, and inside it, it was full of holes, so I pulled out the middel pipe bit and to my suprise, It was actually packed with Muffler Packing!!

That gave me an idea! The idea was to use alot more muffler packing on the outside of alot larger diameter pipe, for better exhaust flow, but less noise!

I went and got a length of 1 3/8 inch pipe to be the outside of the baffel. 1 3/8 pipe fits perfectly in the end of the muffler (sparkarestor). Though I did have to get flap sand paper buff in a die grinder to sand out further up the sparkarestor for the pipe to fit all the way though. The welds from the factory assembly of the sparkarestor had destorted the inside of the pipe so the 1/38 pipe wouldnt fit all the way through.

Then I needed a longer length of 1 inch pipe to be in the inside of the baffel. Then on three quarters of it (the length of the 1 3/8 pipe) I drilled heaps of holes all through it.

Then got a metal washer the rite size and bronzed the ends of the out side pipe and the inside pipe up flush. Then once that was sealed, I turned it over and stuffed heaps of muffler packing down it tight! Then put another washer over the top of that and bronzed it to seal it all in there!

Then i got the front of the old baffel I kept, and put it in the Lathe, and drilled out that knoby little end pipe bit. Then I lined it all up and and bronzed the front bit on there!

After that, Amazingly it fit all the way in perfectly! but that was after sanding the outside of the mounting holes on the front of the baffel. but after that it fit perfectly!

Then I grinded out the hole in the front, exacly the same size as the inside pipe, then just for the hell of it, I ran that flap sandpaper buff all the way through it to polish it.

Then I started it, and it sounded Ausome!! Not too Loud! Not too Quiet!! When I rev it it gives out a nice note! Not just engine noice like it did before with the old baffel.

Now when im riding along I can actually just hear the exhaust, Its sounds Good! Then when you throttel it, it sounds even better! buts its not like a constant drone like it did with the baffel out! Which got annoing!

Notice how theres about twice as much space there where I packed it with muffler packing compared to the standered one.

Now it makes a sterio sound from the two loudest things, You can hear the suction of the Air box, because of my unifilter, and the exhaust at the same time with sounds good. When before, with the baffel in all you could hear was the suction of the air box and engine noise, and with the baffel out, all you could hear was that constant DRONE!

Also, It definatly has the Power of the baffel being out, but just with that edge off the noise! Its Perfect!! :cry:

















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That actually looks pretty sweet! What is the year and size of the bike? It doesnt look like my baffle, but I'm sure it could be similarly modified.

Robert :cry:

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Yea thanks! Its a 2003 XR400. The Australian model obviously.

Na yea its works realy well! alot better that the standered baffel! I love it! :cry:

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Your baffle looks pretty good. Check out www.quietiscool.com for their version of your baffle. They use a large diameter pipe also, but turn the end down and chrome it. Not too expensive either.

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