Oil in the stator/flywheel compartment???

I pulled my stator/flywheel cover off last night so I can put my new flywheel on and about 1/8 cup of oil was in there. Is that normal? I didn't think oil should be in there. It's a '99 YZ400.

yup it's normal. The crankcase is open.

that's funny, i thought the same exact thing. i opened it up. OH GREAT!!! i said. :cry: "thats funny right there, i don't care who you are, thats funny"

yeh actually if you were to pull the flywheel and the stator plate off you could look in the and see the cam chain riding on the crankshaft gear. And you gotta oil the chain.

very good to hear. thanks.

2 stroke riders... :cry:

I am sure that just about everyone of us that came from 2 smokes thought "Oh S**t" for a split second. :cry:

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