Mods for stock xr650l exhaust

Just got a 2002 xr650l, my first bike and my first dualsport. I love it but I've noticed it lacking lowend and understand the bajadesigns carb kit and unifilter would help. Does anyone know a cheap fix to the stock exhaust that would help it breath better and still be semi quiet? I will probably buy a after market exhaust in the future when finances permit. Thanks

Hey '02 650L Bro!! Seems like alot of the guys who are running the stock tailpipe like the Thumper Racing Baffle. Ed Buratti who's a Thumper member runs it I think, & I followed alot of his recommendations. He's a great source of info!! Go back into the Thumper Talk about 30 days or so, & you'll find alot of input from Ed & others on opening up your new ride!! I think the Thumper Baffle is around $90.00. I did a post 2 weeks ago "UNCORKED '02 650L" with alot of info you can use...Baja Designs is a great source for parts/knowledge, & you can glean HUGE info from Thumper Talk & alot of other 650L riders who have modified their machines. Let us know if we can help...the XR650L is a great all-around motorcycle!! Enjoy & hope to hear more soon!

Hey, thanks for the kind words Jim! I'm glad to hear that your project worked out for you. I absolutely love my XRL. (I also love my CR500). I think you'll find it the best for all-around street and trail riding. Wannabe, keep us updated on what you do and how it works out.

Thanks Guys- I'll look up that article and give it a try. Appreciate all the help and this bike is going to be fun., Thursday its a ride to Tecate Mexico (about a hour from me) for a beer and a taco.

Also take a look at the White Brothers Hot Tip exhaust insert. Chapparall has it for 47.99 and claims a 6 hp gain on an XR600R with just 1.2 dB sound increase over stock. I love mine.

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