can finnaly post some pics

finally got a place to post pics to! :cry: :cry: :cry:

bike's for sale in the for sale forum, but yall can enjoy some pics on my very own web page (created thru a class at school)

xrracer36's web page

:lol::cry: :cry:

I noticed this disclaimer on your web page, pretty funny :cry:

"*the photos contained on this page were a collaberation of the efforts of myself and my fiancee`, Beth Mastronicola.

the images of her, my brother, my dad, my brother, and my quad were taken by myself.

the images containing the pictures i am in (the one on the motorcycle,and holding the trophy, etc...) were taken by Beth and sent to me with the agreed upon purpose, knowledge, and permission for use in this course for making my web page."

i had to put that on there.

the professor the web page fullfilled an assignment for said that if we don't get (and express that we have) written copyright consent, it would result in failing.

he's very anal about copyrighting :cry::cry:


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