Cheng Shin's DOT

I know the dirt purists are will probably gawk at this, but just how bad are the Cheng Shin DOT tires? For the money, they can't be beat, and I have a buddy who runs them on his KTM and claims that they're not all that bad of a tire. From what I've read, the 650R likes to eat tires and chains, so I don't want to be purchasing a $60-80 tire (I can get a set of chen's for $50) all of the time.

Any opinions?

well it comes down to this, do u want one ride with a 35.00 tire or do u you want several rides on a 70.00 tire. my friend took most of the knobbies off of his skin after 8o miles??????

The Dunlop D606 is great, around $50 front or rear at Rocky Mountain MC.


Well, from my old road riding days, we called them Cheng S*ht. I never figured out how they could make a tire that wore out so fast AND had no grip. Not sure these days. As for eating tires, mine hasn't been too bad so far - about 2X the rate of my previous XR250.

Hey, report back on the results!


yeah the skins are good for smaller bikes but not the 650R

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