Dualsport registration problems

Just to info everybody, I'm already running into problems getting my 650R dualsported in California since I financed the bike and don't actually have the title. This is despite the dealer initially telling me that all I I needed was the paper registration, but later said that I had to "contact Honda Finance and they will issue a 'temporary' title". I couldn't get through to them today and I will try again tomorrow. This sucks as I already have a DMV appointment tomorrow to register it.

A question for those in Ca...where did you get your "brake and lamp" inspection? According to my DMV, I need one of these inspections done, but the rest of the legal requirements (horn, dot tires, etc...) is a "statement of facts" that I sign stating that all equipment was there. I called my local dealers, and they don't do inspections...the High-pee-wee-troll, can only verify VIN........who do I believe?

I just went through the exact same thing,I got my bike in oct of last year and I'm only now getting the plates,I/we actually had to get the finance company to give up the pink(I had not even made my first payment) so it could be switched from offroad to onroad as the dmv was unwilling to do anything even though it was thier job..Many gas stations and independant repair shops do brake and light inspections so you shouldnt have a problem there(unless your planning to fake it)And any law enforcment person chp,local cop etc. or a dmv employee(I stood outside a police station weeding out all the prick looking cops until a non nazi type walked out then hit him up...I hope you fare better than I did between myself and the and the honda dealer herself(exellent people at berkley honda) we had 8 trip to the dmv,the dmv must hire only the stupidest,rude and lazy people on the face of the planet..Good luck you may need it

I just got off of the phone with Honda Finance and they said that would fax a lien title to the dmv, but only after receiving a "request for title" from me (faxed okay). I have yet to get back in touch with DMV to see what there take on this is. I'm really under the gun here, as I'm leaving the states in month, and if I don't have a title of somesort for my bike, they won't accept it at my port of call for it to be shipped.

How long does the Vermont thing take?...hahaha

I went through Rice Motorsports in Baldwin Park, CA. It may be a drive for you, but it was only $10 and the DMV was only 2 miles from their shop. I rode it straight to the DMV. The lady at the DMV was at a complete loss when I tried to register it and another lady had registered one the week before so she took care of me and it took about 30 minutes. If you bought your kit through

Baja Designs, it should have pretty explicit instructions for registering your bike in Cali.

I hope I'm wrong but they made me get the actual pink slip so they could take it out of circulation and re-issue a new one for onroad use.I dont want to scare you and I'm hoping it was just the jerks I was dealing with(but they all seemed to agree with that point about the pink)but the people at the dmv are notorious for changing thier minds or denying what they told you before.I hate to rant but what they put me through for no good reason at all has left a bad taste in my mouth....Lastly I would recommend a dmv where all the employees speak perfect English(nothing like getting your balls broke in poor English by some fool who has no idea what a dual sport bike is)Good luck....

UPDATE: I just set the phone down after about a dozen phone calls, and this is the story I'm getting now. Apparently the dealer, by law, can withold the title application for title up to 21 days...as they did with mine, so whenever I called up DMV to ask about this whole mess, my VIN wasn't even in the system. This means that now I have to wait for Sacramento to assign a off-road title, put it through the mail to the finance company, then they will forward it on to the DMV ONLY if the DMV sends a written request (can be faxed)...THEN I can take it down to teh DMV and get it registered. Meanwhile the clock is ticking here for me...

So, to pass on to those who are planning to do this:


2. REQUEST THAT BEFORE A DIRT TITLE IS ISSUED, HAVE THE BIKE READY AND INSPECTED, AND TRY AND GET A STREET TITLE INSTEAD. The gal at the DMV said that this would be possible...now whether or not that's true probably depends more on the alignment of the stars than anything else... :)

The bottom line is that, in my feeble opinion, the DMV here in California, is set up to deal mainly with the simple registration/renewal of cars and trucks...stuff that is straightforward. What they seriously lack, is simple compentence and education. I would understand that no one could remember all of the rules and regulations...BUT there should be at least one person who is knowledgeable enough to point you in the right direction, or knows how to get the information for you. Inconsistency seems to be the norm, from what I've heard/read.

This whole experience makes me wish that I would have bought a used 650R that was already tagged...hahaha...that's pretty sad eh?

I think I will give BD a call, just to see if they can shed any light on this...

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