Selling YZ420 for newer lighter YZF/CRF/RMZ 450, worth it?

Not that I'm asking anyone to decide for me but would there be a worthwhile advantage for a serious in shape 40+ veteran like me in upgrading to newer and mostly lighter technology?

Although it's payed for and all dialed in my '99 is killing me at the end of a couple of practice heats. :cry:



regardless of what you think of the older bikes...the newer ones make your life easier....and I think that is what your looking for.

In what country was a 420 released? From what I understood (US) was 400, 426 and now 450...

I'm also trying to decide about a new bike, but my decision is btwn. a 03 yz450 and an '05 or '06. It's a hard call in your case. The new bikes are noticebly lighter and more powerful than a regular 400. Not sure how strong your big bore is. I traded my 01 wr426 in on my '03 450 and did'nt regret it. It's sure nice to have a bike that's paid for, but I think pretty much anyone would benefit in upgrading to the new 4stroke technology.

but that's just me :cry:


Get an 05. You'll be soo happy you did.

Yes. On paper, it doesn't look like much, but IRL, there's a huge difference. The YZ450 is lighter, the weight's lower, they're FASTER, and easier to ride, once you learn some throttle control. :cry:

Yamaha dealers are practically paying people to take the last of the '04s, too. The '05 is sounding like it might be worth the price just for the suspension.

The CRF is nice, but it ain't a YZ.

After seeing the RMZ 250, I'd let someone else do the field development on the RMZ450.

Thanks for all your input, is what I thought. Bikes up for sale , am in Montreal, Canada area. 3200 Can ( 2400 US )

Will stay with Yamaha, we have a very good local dealer ( Alary )

Thanks for help!

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