Jetting Definitions...

School me here fella's...obviously these all control mixture, but at what point of the throttle does each come into play. Jetting is one thing I've never really messed with, but seems to be a pretty critical thing for getting the most out of your engine for any give altitude...

What does moving the clip up or down do?

What does the pilot jet control?

What does the main jet control?

WOW!!! Thanks a bunch!

The Pilot Jet is from about 1/8 - 1/4 throttle & effects your low-end punch...mid range 1/4 - 3/4 throttle is your jet needle(raising it richens the mixture, lowering leans it)...your top end 3/4 - full throttle is mostly the main jet. With jets, the higher the number, the bigger the opening...more gas...richer mixture. To adjust your starter/idle system ( zero to 1/8 throttle ) it's mostly adjusting the mixture with the idle air screw...more air leans your mixture, less richens. Hope those basics help!

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