no juice - electrical problem

Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem. Bike is a 94 XR650L, see sig. When I turn the key on, there is no juice to the headlight or tailight, and when I thumb the starter nothing, no attempt to turn over, and no click. I replaced the starter solenoid, but that wasn't it. Any ideas where to look next?

Please don't get mad but I have to ask............

is the battery charged?

Ya, the battery is good, I stalled while riding, and it wouldn't do anything after that. I can jump to the lug on the starter motor and it will start by doing that.

Is the wire fried?

All the wires look good, I'm away from home, so I haven't been able to tear too far into it, but using a test light, I can see there is power at & from the battery, grounds are good, there is power out of both of the leads from the solenoid to the starter button, when the starter is thumbed. I don't understand why there is no power when the key is on. It seems really weird that the headlight and tailight don't have any power either.

try the fuse, I have had the same problem

Which fuse? The solenoid has a integral fuse, and all the ones in the block are fine.

I know this is an old thread.. but i have the same problem on my recently acquired (3rd) XRL. No clicking from solenoid, starter doesnt turn over, no nothing! The grounds (frame & starter post) are good and tight. All the fuses have been replaced as well. Yes i turned the key on. I also replaced the start/run switch. Battery is good at 13.3V! All the safeties (clutch/sidestand) have been disabled since theyre not installed. Anybody have any other ideas?

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