ive heard all kinds of things about hotcams on the xr650r, i hope to be getting an xr soon and am interested in the hotcams stuff...what kinda power can you expect after, and what other stuff besides the cam will have to be replaced?

anyone have personal experience with em?

You must have the power up kit already installed. If your buying a used XR650R, that will most likely already be done. If not it will cost you about $150.00 for the power up kit unless you decide to do it the cheap way and that will cost you about $35.00 for a needle, 68S slow jet and 170 to 175 main jets.

Mainly the hotcam adds additional grunt in the mid to upper range power although I personally felt it pulls harder all through the power band. :cry:

im not sure if this ones already uncorked, but if it isnt, it will be within a week of me picking it up :cry:

ill go the cheap way and drill out the pipe and all that stuff, and pick up the jets from the dealer...anyone know of a good site with detailed pics of the carb work? ive only done it once beofre and im not too confident, haha!

i can do the mains and stuff, but i dunno how to do the needle

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