2001 clutch update

I just did the 2001 clutch update on my 2000 yz426 motor , also bought full Hinson setup (Basket , innner/ outer hub)All is well except for now the clutch engagement is right off the bars (NO slack in the cable) All the way tight and it barely disengages when the clutch is pulled all the way in to the bars, I HATE IT LIKE THAT! what can i do any help? anyone else experience this? Please help before i put my 2000 setup back in . It had more adjustment and i could leave some slack in the clutch lever and it would still disengage plenty :cry:

Funny you mention this. I noticed that first thing when I did the update. However I wasn't sure if it was from the Raptor lever or the update. Luckily I like it so I can't complain. :cry:

Btw, everything I have heard says that the full Hinson setup alone would have solved the clutch problem. You might not have needed to spend the money on the update kit.

First buy a new cable.

Second, you need to adjust the cable at the motor end to the max.

After that, if you have a lever with enough adjustment (I run the ASV pro personally), you will be able to adjust it out.

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