XR650L choke problem

Hi, I just recently got my 02 XR650L. The bike is not even broken in yet. I really hope someone can help me out with this problem. Here goes, I start the bike up cold on full choke then move it back to half choke for the remainder of the warm up. Once completely warm I slide the choke lever to the fully back/off position. Now the problem is when I take it down the road and go through a few gears and come to a stop the motor is running on fast idle. I look down at the choke lever and it's moved forward to almost the half choke position. So I pull it back and the idle drops back down. Take it down the road and it does it again and again. So I kept my finger on the choke lever to keep it from moving forward just to see what it would do I noticed that the bike felt like it was surging. Has anyone ever heard of this problem or have a clue what could cause this. Thanks, Mike

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their must be an adjustment on it. if its new and not broken in id take it back to the dealer.

Sounds like there is a problem with the latch that hold the lever in place. Take it back to the dealer.

Thanks for the input guys. The bike is going back to the dealer on Tuesday. I'll let you know what it ends up being . Thanks, Mike

I have an 01 XR650L and if I pull the choke lever, it engages the choke. Pushing the lever away from the grip turns the choke off. Did I misunderstand what you're talking about? Could you be putting the choke on instead of off?

Hey Mike! Ed's right..if you're pulling the lever towards you, you're putting the choke ON full...pushing it ALL THE WAY forward is off...the choke being partially on will make the bike surge & idle up...hope that's all it is.

Ok, now I feel like a bone-head. The first few rides on the new bike I didn't have this problem. I must have just been having a bad day. You guys are right, I was pushing the choke lever away from the grip to choke it and thought it had to be near the grip to turn it off. Thats why when I would ride it the lever would move to half choke, it was probrobly trying to turn itself off and I kept pulling it back on. Alright, I can't talk about this any more, I feel to stupid. Thanks for saving me a trip to the dealer guys. Next week we'll go over putting gas in the tank. These message boards really are a wonderfull thing. Thanks again, Mike

Hey Mike,

How are you and that monster getting along? Mine intimidated the crap out of me on the trails for a while. I ended up buying a new XR400R too, for the really tight, twisty eastern woods I ride in. I just couldn't bear to drop my 650 again. I still like it though, that 400 can't carry the 650's jock strap on a fire break road!

Rusty 2, When I first got my 650L I was a little nervious about the size and weight in the tight trails also. I started exploring the area that I live in and so far almost everything I've found is narrow trails. So I just started out slow to get adjusted to it, and within a couple of hours I was loving every minute of it. I haven't dumped it yet, but have come close a few times. There's really is no replacement for displacement and if and if a 325lb. machine is what it takes to get that than I'm ready for it. Have you uncorked your bike yet? I'm just about done with the break-in period. I can't wait to get mine done as I was anticipating a bit more power from the stock 650L. I want to be able to lift the front wheel effortlessly but for now I just have to ride knowing that there's much more power just waiting to come out and play. Jim and Ed, who are also on this post, have been a big help to me in making my decisions for my soon to come upgrades. If you ever need any advise just give them a shout, there always glad to help out.

Have fun!


I noticed you're from East Stroudsburg. That's about 1.5 hours from here. We should get together for a ride.

Ed, We definatly should try and hook up one of these weekends and hit the trails together. I'll keep in touch with you and let you know when I can head up your way. I'm just learning where all of the trails are in my area and still have a bunch yet to explore. If you ever feel like taking a ride down this way that would be great also. I'd really like to see all of the mod's you've done to your bike and get my first look at what an uncorked 650L can do. Have you ever ridden at Pohopoco Tract? This might also be a good place to ride. I think it's about at the half way point between your place and mine but I'm not sure on that since I haven't been there yet. There's 14 miles of trails there and they give you a map of the place. Sounds like it could be a really good time. Check out the website. http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/forestry/atv/atvtit.htm Talk to you later, Mike


Oh yeah, she be uncorked. I broke it in right, and then: I pulled out the airbox restriction, put in a Uni-Filter, FMF Mega-Max II pipe, Baja Designs carb mod/re-jet kit, lost the smog pump,(IMS block-off kit), IMS 4 gal. plastic tank with stock OEM '00 XR600R tank graphics,(looks like it came that way!), Pirelli MT-21s front & rear, 14/48 gearing, Acerbis tail light(tiny), rim locks, shark fin, chain guide brace, Moose Off-Road skid plate, SRC fork brace, and a red Chase Harper number plate bag.

Mike, I don't even know Jim and Ed, but I guarantee they'll tell you the same thing; "You ain't seen nothin' yet!" You're gonna come back from your first ride with your mods done, with a goofy grin on your face from ear to ear. Wheelies are now "Dial-O-Matic", you simply adjust the height you want with your right wrist, and keep your right big toe near the rear brake pedal!

You're fixin' to unleash the beast within. Raw brutal seething power, torque by the truckload. Give it the care and maintenance that such a regal, noble beast deserves, and respect it's awesome strength, but remain in control. You are the master, don't show fear, it'll smell it on you.

WORD!!!!!!!!! XR650L Rules!!!

Hey if you guys have unleashed the 650L with all that electrical crap I guess the 650R would be an uncontrollable beast. 649cc not 644cc. 10:1 com not 8.3. No stater. 46 pounds lighter. If you want the 650R go get it. The 650L will never messure up. What happens to the tail light and licence plate rack when you stand it that tall. I'll give it this, it has a nice fender bag. :):D:D

Thanks for the input Rusty 2, that's just what I needed to hear.

Hey Wolfgang,

Don't feel bad about the choke, we all do stuff like that! I just bought an '00 650L so my wife and I can cruise the back roads. The bike has a Supertrapp IDS2 exhaust with a rejetted carb to match. It is a blast to ride! I like my YZ400 for the more serious woods riding, but it can't take me there direct from the garage. Dual Sport cruises are a fun way to go out and explore the country side with the better half! Honda's big red pig has a lot going for it. :)

Comparing the xr650r with the "L" is mixing apples and oranges. The L is a much more comfortable bike. It lacks the power of the R, but it is more refined. Not to mention it doesn't boil over or strip countershaft splines like the R is prone to do. It's all about what you like. I prefer air-cooled, and there is that "magic button". The L has a 10 year record of amazing reliability, lets see if the R model will be able to claim as much.

With U.S. restrictions for registering "off-road" motorcycles on the rise, the value of a Dual-Sport bike which comes "fully legal" right from the dealer is huge. Unfortunately the noose is tightening on retro-fitting & licensing pure Enduro bikes. The XR650L becomes one of the best ways to have it all & not worry about looking in the mirror for the law on your tail 24-7. There's even talk in Cali. from what I read to pull registrations from Enduro bikes that have already been licensed...let's hope that's not the trend nation wide...President Bush should be ridin' an XR around the ranch & keepin' the trail access lobby rolling...it's always good on any XR!!!!

"Comparing the xr650r with the "L" is mixing apples and oranges." No it's comparing apples to apples. Both bikes are great machines. Comparing the XR to the YZF is apples to oranges. I was just stating that there is alot of talk about uncorking a street machine with the R's decal kit coming. Go get the real thing and put it on the road. Or better yet do what I've done. Play with the 02 XR650R in the dirt and the 97 CBR1100XX on the street.

Faster and faster until the thrill of speed over comes the fear of death. Have a good summer and.....................

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I agree they're both great machines. I've ridden both, bought the L, and don't agree with the comparison. They are not aimed at the same market at all. The L is a great dual purpose machine. The R is a great desert racer and pretty good woods bike. But if you spend much time on pavement, in my opinion. the L would be vastly preferable. To each his own.

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