Why the clicking when first started XR600?

Hopefully an easy one for somebody! My 87 did it as well as my 2000. When I first start my XR600 there is a clicking, comming from around the right side clutch case oil filter area. I know how sound resonates through metal. This is not comming from the valves. It does it about every day in the winter when I ride it to work for about 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. Could it be a clogged line somewhere, because it eventually gets oil and shuts up after a little bit. So I wonder if it is getting enough durring operation. Also I used to dump the clutch in 2nd to get a good wheelie going and it grabbed like there was sand paper down there, but now it slips a little. Not a lot but just enough to notice and therefore slips a little in third. When I dump it in third is when I could go a long way in a wheelie. Any coments are welcome. Thanks guys for all your help in the past and for any here.

My '99 XR600 made the same noise, as did my friends '93. If you notice clutch slip though, its probably time for new plates.

BTW.....my old 600 would wheelie in 3rd without the use of the clutch. :)

At Sea level?

Did you guys ever figure out where the noise was comming from?

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