Need some help please!

putting my brother's rings on his 426 tonight and I don't see in the manual where it says where each ring gap goes? does it matter? I know on some bikes i've rebuilt that the gaps just can't be at the same spot on the piston but other than that it didn't matter. And also, could you tell me which ring goes on top? the copper one or the black one? Is there anything special about how the bottom ring goes on? Thanks for any and all help... :cry:

there should be an allignment pin in each groove for the gap if there are dots near the end of the ring that face goes up. when you put the oil rings on put both scrapers on first then the oiler "the squiggly one" in between the two. there is no locator pin for the oil rings just try to keep the gap equally distanced from one another then install the compression rings,lowest ring first be careful not to bend them they break easy. make sure you check the end gap for each of the compression rings i can't tell you what the gap is off hand but as long as they don't touch you should be fine.just remember to stop and drink your beer before it gets warm. this is all just from past experience i hope it helps. good luck :cry:

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