New XR6 owner....questions?

I just purchased a '97 XR600, my first thumper. It's an awesome bike, but I have a few questions. Do all XR600s stumble when you crack the throttle open from a closed position? If I have the throttle open slightly first, it doesn't stumble. Is this normal, or do I have jetting issues? Also, how often should I change oil and filter, I'm not a very aggresive rider? Lastly, the bike came with a Supertrap exhaust which I know little about. It has 8 disks installed. How much will removing disks (to quiet it down) affect my jetting? Any answers would be helpful. Thanks

Jet the bike up to a 68/165 jetting. Then set the idle up about 500rpms more than you normal would think to. That solves most of the cough outs and hesitation.

For the supertrapp, 12 disc is what most run on them. They are a hard muffler to tune. You may want to ditch that for like a T4 system on the bike.

If you want to solve the hesitation completely, get an aftermarket carb.

Yeah, you'll never completely get rid of the hesitation. Don't bother trying to take out discs to make the supertrapp quieter, it really hardly makes a difference. The best exhaust IMO for the 600 is the E-Series Pro Meg on the stock header.

If you're not riding the bike very hard, I'd say 500 miles between oil and filter changes.

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I say get the jetting set first. If your talking about the stumble when you are not in gear and sitting on the bike giving it gas, that is normal. If your riding the bike and you get a stumble when you give it gas that is jetting.

I like to change my oil every two rides and the filter every three oil changes. Unless it's a long trip like 450 miles plus than I change everything.

Matt 96XR6-165/68 jetting sounds very rich to me for a 97 XR6. I ran 155/62 jetting in my '94 (stock engine white bros headers,staintune muffler) and it was spot on. :)

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