Torn ACL (OUCH!!!)

I am slowly mending from a torn ACL to my right knee (wiped out in a creek) and was wandering if anyone has ever bought or used any of the knee protection braces they sell. I have seen them in dirt mags and some of them can cost up to $300 each. Do they work or has my riding career ended? I had knee replacement surgery about a week ago and the doctor says it will be a good 2-3 months before I can resume normal activity. Will these braces give me the support in my knee so I can ride without being too timid?


Mark (Highland, Illinois)

I should ask first off if you had ACL repair or Total Knee replacement? If you had ACL rebuild...Read on:

Two or three months...???

Dude, Tell your Doc' to stop smokin' crack! It takes 2 years to heal 100% from ACL Rebuild.

Unless something drastic has changed, PRO Atletes resume sports activities 6 months after surgery WITH A SPORTS BRACE ON and intensive P.T.

I have a CTI on my right knee and Orthotech on my left. Without a brace to keep your bones aligned, YOU WILL DESTROY/STRETCH YOUR GRAFT! I know, I f'ed up my left knee hammering on it improperly 3 weeks after my surgery (deep knee bends). My graft is not "hideously" damaged (quote from my physical therapist), but is bad. It has a lot of slop in it.

DO not resume anything until you get a prescription knee brace. Your Doc' should provide the recomendation for you so your insurance will pay for it. Both my braces ran about $900.00 apiece, YES APIECE!

I am 40 right now. Unless some medical miracles appear soon, I will have total knee replacement by age 50.

I am not looking for sympathy, empathy whatever. Just don't do what I did. Follow your therapists ritual VERBATIM. STAY OFF THE G.D. BIKE! The "Rest of your Life" is an extremely high price to pay to not ride for ONE YEAR.

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Kevin is right... sounds like your doc does not know what he is talking about or is leading you down the yellow brick road.

I had ACL reconstruction on left knee Jan of 00, I fully recovered 100% in November of that year... so give yourself plenty of time and stay off the bike, if you can... I know it will be hard... but you have to... if you want to have any normal walking gait later in life.... PT was the most painful and strenuous activity I did for 6 months, but it will be worth it..



I blew out my left knee 6 years ago. My doctor never gave me a perscription for the custom braces, just the generic neoprene type. I am bigger than the average desert racer at 320 lbs. I still use the neoprene braces (they have metal hinges built in), and ride like there is no tomorrow. At least until i get tired...320 lbs.

Do the PT, get healthy, and ride.....with good knee braces you won't ewven think about the knee.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

ACL reconstruction in Nov '99 - rode very easy in Feb '00. Probably a little too soon after surgery. Make the doc prescribe a brace - I have a CTI2. I'm very seriously considering buying the Asterik Cell braces for ~$500 a pair. Designed/manufactured by the same guy that started Innovation Sports (CTI). Check for info on the Asterik.

If you had ACL reconstruction & the doc is saying 2-3 months check the crack bowl at your ortho's office - it'll be empty.

Search on ACL/knee here & on DRN - lot's of good info.


I 2nd the Asterisk brace. I've had the ACL reconstruction. If you can get a prescription for the CTI2 and your insurance will cover it get that one because the cost will be minor. If you can't get that (Like Me) go with the Asterisk. Call them up and spaek to Brad Freeman. I have a pair of them and they are awesome!! Don't worry, with a good recovery and some braces you'll be riding as hard as you were before as long as you can mentally get over it. For me it's not my knee that holds me back, it's my mind now. Seriously though, Speak with Brad!! Ask him tons of questions and ask him about a comparison between the CTI2 brace and the Asterisk.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Had my ACL done in Oct '00, went snowboarding in Feb '01 and riding again by March. I wear my 2 CTI braces (yes 2, I'm not going to screw the other knee up) and will continue to do so for the rest of my riding days. They cost me £750 for the pair over here in the UK - not cheap but definately worth it. Only wish I'd used them before the big get off!!

Check out the DonJoy brace they make one called a boot cut which rides a little higher and doesn't interfere with your boot.

I have a CTi brace as well and to me the DonJoy is a great deal more comfortable.

But keep in mind that mine was around $1500!

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