Correct oil amount

I have changed the oil twice on my new 650 and am questioning the quantity of the oil that I need to bring the level to the upper full "hole" on the dipstick. Both times I have changed the filter. This second time I also removed and cleaned the screen located in the banjo bolt, below the frame drain bolt.

When I fill with the new oil I add 1.5 quarts, kick the starter about ten times with the compresion release. I figure this pumping gets the oil circulating and filling the filter without the engine running. After that i start the engine, set it on a level stand and run it for five minutes or so.

My question is this: The manual says that the capacity of the oil with a filter change is 1.7 quarts. Both times I have added more than that. This last time I added almost 2 quarts. "Almost" meaning there remained about 1/2 inch of oil in the bottom of the second quart bottle (Mobile-1, red cap). It seems to me that that amount remaining means more than 1.7 quarts.

Is this normal? Is that what you all have experienced? Tonight, I checked that dipstick 20 times! Got on the bike and rode around the block and checked it again about 20 times. The oil level is right up at the upper hole on the stick. And that is without screwing the stick in, as the manual says. Your imput would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

When you filled it up with "almost 2 quarts" where did the dipstick read? When I changed my oil and filter, it took about 1.7 qts, and that put the dipstick mark a half way up the normal reading. You don't want to overfill, it will blow it out all over.

I fill it 3/4 of the way. leaving some room for expansion. If I were to go on a long single ride, 100+ miles in a day, then I might want to start full.

So, you're saying that I should stop adding oil when I reach 1.7 quarts OR when the level is between the "add" and the "full" hole on the dipstick?

I too found thatit could take an extra 100mls

past the recommended figure of 1700mls.

This 1800mls brings level to one inch from

top level mark. I then go ride.

This has worked for 10,000miles worth of

oil changes.

cheers, Craig

I must be putting in too much oil, bringing it right up to the full "hole". Craig, 10,000 miles is tremendous! What kind of oil? How many miles between changes? Do you change the filter every time? What other things have you done to keep your bike running?


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I use regular Castrol gtx, does automobiles

and bikes. I change oil every 600 miles,

filter too. I have started using aftermarket

filters cause they are half the Hondas cost.

They look identical.

I installed a magnetic oil drain bolt, but it

seldom collects any filings.

I clean the downtube oil screen every 3rd

oil change.

The other internal screen I inspected at

9000miles when I was installing the HRC

piston & cam kit, it was clean and I won't

be going near it again unless I'm in there.

Installed the upgraded clutch bushing thing

at 9000miles, the one that 2002 models are

supposed to have.

My valves were first checked at 9000miles and

they were not far off.( my first ever valve

check, local dealer went bust when my brp

was 3 months old ).

Changed fork oil at around 8000miles,and it

looked fine!

Apart from a few blown headlamp and flasher

bulbs that's about it.

Still in love after 25 months.

cheers, Craig

when I change the oil I kick the bike over several times with the drain plugs out and a lot of extra oil comes out beacause of a reed valve in the crankcase.

When I fill it uo again it takes very nearly 2 litres.

I purchased the Scotts stainless steel oil filter. Better filter (30 microns)and lasts a lifetime (saves money over the longterm). So I remove and clean the filter at every oil change. Like Spacehog, I also leave both drain plugs and the oil filter out. I run the kickstarter through several cycels(w/ decompression in)and lean the bike side to side to get the last drop out. (crazy?) :D

This empties more oil than the normal procedure and I find it takes a little more than the recommended amount (1.7 qts) to fill to the top mark on the oil stick (never over).

I have not had any oil blow into the air box or had any seal problems. :)

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