Miscellaneous items for sale

I have the following available for sale:

-Stock exhaust w/ spark arrester from 1997 XR400

-Acerbis rear Auxillery rear fuel tank, white, 1.6 gallons

-Stock exhaust w/ spark arrester and head pipes from 2000 XR650R

-IMS 4.0 gallon tank, white, fits 2000-up XR650R

If interested, let me know and make an offer. E-mail me any questions or for pics.

Will that gas tank fit a 2002 XR650L? thanks

I don't think it will fit the 650L. the mounting brackets are positioned differently. If I am wrong, will some correct me.

Items are still for sale!

Originally posted by BajaThmpr:

Items are still for sale!

Could you send my a picture of the handlebars and your cost to peter_j_ryan@yahoo.com..

I am looking for those type as we speak!

The items for sale are listed in the first post. The handlebars are what are on my bike (in my signature).

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