K&N vs Uni air filters -XR650L

Its time to upgrade my air filter on my 2002 XR650L. What I need to know is the pros and cons about the K&N vs the Unifilter. Is there a difference in performance? Do I have to rejet the carb for both? ( and what size jet ) The K&N is almost twice the Uni ,is it worth it? Anyway thanks in advance for the help. -Jon

I went with the Uni Filter for my '02 650L based on input from ThumperTalk & the Baja Designs people...it's been an excellent choice...great fit & comes with a rigid aluminium internal cage...it's part of the total plan of uncorking the bike...you'll need to re-jet & open the exhaust...there's alot of posts from the past 30 days about the whole process & go to Baja Designs...they have the jet kit & everything else!

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