Colorado Closure

Please help. Some of the residents up in the area of Bailey have grouped together and are trying to shutdown the forest to all dirt bike, atv and any and all off road vehicles.

There is a scheduled Forest Service meeting for this Tuesday May 14,2002.

As it stands now (Harris Park had a community meeting Saturday- and the odds were 10 to 1 in favor of a closure.) The forest service is under the

impression- there aren't people out here wanting to keep it open. This isn't true- I believe the people who'd be against the closure just don't know this is going on.

The forest service are considering closures not only in Harris park but also in Slaughter house and in areas around Woodland park.

For those of you with email- mailing lists could you please notify your members of this.

To help we need you send an email to the US Forest service: All you need to say in your email is:

Subject: Harris Park and Slaughterhouse Forest

Body: We do not want the forest shutdown and feel there are other

means of controlling the illegal riding and illegal fires.

The more people we can get to send emails to the forest service the

better chance we have to prevent the forest being shutdown. We all

pay taxes and we all have the right to use the forest, so if you can

help it would be much appreciated!!

One more thing, if you can forward this email onto others you know

that like to dirt bike, atv or go off roading please do so.

Thanks for the info. It's always a shame when the vocal minority get their way just because the information doesn't get distributed. I'm passing this on to all my riding buddies.

It sounds like things are a little in the air on this one. People attempting closing public land should learn something; there will be an opposition. I can understand a temporary closure due to fire dangers. Reading the following statement from the FS a few things stood out to me. Illegal trails and the resulting damage from their use. As a body we must be self policing. Always stay on designated trails. Every time somebody screws up an area it is another point to be made for the advocates of closures. My family always leaves an area with garbage left behind by others so we, and our kind, project a positive image.

Last weekend the boys and I rode Slaughter House Gulch. I came around a turn and saw 2 ladies on horseback. I immediately shut the bike down and had the boys follow suit and got off of the trail. As the ladies passed us the one had problems getting the horse to walk by the bikes. Seems that people do not normally do this courtesy for them. She stated, “The horse is not used to the bikes sitting still because they are normally flying by with no regard”. I apologized for this and feel that my little bit of politeness left a positive impression on her that will hopefully stick. I was actually surprised that most others do not practice proper trail etticate. Most all of the people I meet in this sport are very nice people.

Sorry for the preaching but with the recent threats of trail closures I feel we are all threatened. I am going to get much more proactive in my sport. On the 19th we are going out to Rampart to work on one of the several work parties they will have this year. I am going to contact the FS and see if they need help with the Slaughter House Gulch work. I am going to join the Blue Ribbon Coalition to become further involved, thanks oldasdirt. The time I feel has come for us to get our #%&* together. Unless we do it is a matter of time before we are on peddle power, in other words a mountain bike.

A good example is gun control, like it or not. If the gun owners had not been organized there would not be any guns legal at this time IMHO. I will bet there are many less motorcycle owners than gun owners. To make it worse I would also be willing to bet there are a lot less organized members of motorcyclist than gun owners, a small voice in the wilderness. To make it even worse yet we are segregated by Street & Dirt.

I made the mistake of ignoring the CA closure posts on this forum. Any closure, unless for legitimate reasons, effects us all. It sets up a guideline for future cases. How can they close one area for this reason and not close the next area for the same reason.

The following was received from Corey of the Rampart Range Committee in reference to the Slaughter House Gulch closure. Thanks to all who offered support.

Here is the response received from the FS.

With our current drought conditions, I would expect that the FS will try to lock up the forest. -Corey

=================== Begin Forwarded Message ===================

To: "Randy Hickenbottom/R2/USDAFS" <>

Subject: Re: Harris Park and Slaughterhouse Forest

Is there a study being done to shutdown these areas for OHV use?

>I have received several notes regarding this subject and I'm unsure

>of the status. If it is being evaluated then please provide the

>scoping documents

On Mon, 13 May 2002 11:21:12 -0600, Randy Hickenbottom/R2/USDAFS wrote:


>Not really. There was a Harris Park homeowners association meeting on

>Saturday, with many diverse interests represented, that I was invited to

>attend. I had the opportunity to hear concerns from many residents. I

>expressed willingness to consider proposals from interested parties. Some

>proposals involved complete closure, some partial, some short term fire

>closure, some wanted no closure.


>My boss (Forest Supervisor) has considered some types of emergency fire

>closure associated with the severe fire conditions we've been having and

>she and I will be discussing this tomorrow. There is currently a Stage I

>fire closure in effect. A Stage II fire closure will probably go into

>effect tomorrow. Depending on worsening conditions, other increased fire

>closures are possible in the future.


>At the meeting I indicated that we will probably begin a planning process,

>for Slaughterhouse and Harris Park areas, within a year. This effort would

>be focused on addressing fire/fuel conditions in the area, as well as the

>proliferation of shooting, illegal roads and trails, and watershed damage.

>This would be an open public NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act)

>process and could take a year to complete.


>Last year we completed NEPA planning for some relatively minor repairs of

>watershed damage (illegal roads/trails/mudholes) within the Slaughterhouse/

>Harris Park areas. This work is focused on reclosing or repairing some of

>the illegal roads/trails that have been created in the past two years.

>This was published in both the Douglas County New-Press (our newspaper of

>record for planned actions) and the High Timber Times. This work is

>scheduled for this summer.


>That's all the work I'm aware of that might fit the context of your

>question. If you wish to see copies of the original scoping documents and

>public notice for the work scheduled for this summer--let me know.


>I hope this helps!



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