raising fork in triple clamp?

How do I raise the forks to get a better turning bike? Is it as simple as loosening the 4 bolts per side and sliding the tube up? Mine won't slide and I don't want to put any wd in there for fear of the forks being hopelessly twisted on my next get-off.


If you remove all eight bolts and stick a flat screw driver facing down in the slots of each clamp....a little tap add they will stay. now the tubes will fall out....if you do one side at a time (just two screw drivers) it won't move so freely and you can get your 5mm from the bottom of the cap to the top of the top triple clamp.

How about a report on how the bike handles with the front lowered. Turns faster? Less Push (slide) on the front wheel? Less stable at speed?

I had trouble raising the forks because the clamp that holds the fork boots was tight. Anyway, I raised the forks about 1/2" or 12-15mm, it rode much better. Turns great, stable at speed up to 65 (max I got to). I rode a turkey run in CT (Rock Run), not sure if it was the good breakfast, staying well hydrated, looking far ahead on the trails or what, but as an inexperienced rider, I was keeping up with and passing other riders. I had a great time. The only other thing I did was to set all clickers to the soft side of factory spec (per manual). You can see how the bike is set up below.


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