Where to ride?? MO/IL

I live just outside of St. Louis, Missouri and was wandering if anybody on this site lives close to the city on either side of the river(MO or IL)? I have rode in Taylorville, IL (350 acres wooded trails) and at St. Joe State Park in Flat River, MO (2000 acres sand, wooded trails). The only problem is that either one is at least a 2-hour one way drive from my residence. If anyone live in the area and knows of other riding areas it would be greatly appreciated.


Mark (Highland, Illinois)


I lived in St. Louis for many years and couldn't find riding spots any closer than Flat River - unless you know someone with a farm. I moved to Arizona 2 years ago and can ride 10 minutes from my house. There is an MX track in Columbia, IL. You might want to call a dirt bike shop in that area, they probably know the name and phone number. I think they have some trail there also. Good Luck...

I live in the Springfield Il area and ride T-Ville most of the time. I have access to 150 acres adjacent to Site M(Jim Edgar wildlife preserve) that is NorthWest of Springfield. It has some killer hills and a motorcross track. It is not worth the drive from St Louis but if you made a weekend of it with one day at T-Ville and one day up here it would be good. Let me know if you are interested.

do you know anything about the track(s) in belleville? I've been meaning to call a mc shop there thinking they would have the 'fo, just haven't gotten around to it.

i've tried the coyote atv trails near sparta - it sucked. mostly trails only wide enough enough for 4 wheelers - in turn - two big ruts or one hump to choose from. i don't think i'll be back (thats because the trails sucked or because i went over the handlebars and cracked a rib there - i dont know which is really keeping me away!)

we go to ky lake alot and ride at turkey bay - land between the lakes - a big park - very fun - but of course this is a 3.5 hour drive - good for a weekend.

my wife bought me the bike this spring (can you believe that?!) after not riding since age 15. (maybe thats got something to do with the broken rib thing) and only have about 20 hours on it. let me know about any good places you hear of!

almost forgot... a buddy tells me there is a good park just the other side of effingham, also a park up near litchfield. he's says call the bike shop in litchfield to find out about membership - haven't done that either let me know if if find out anything!

hey cobra, i just joined the t-ville dirt riders, yearly for me and the wife is 220$


Wife and I did the same thing in March, I think our helmet #'s are 34 & 35. I had planned on riding there tonight but something came up. I have been restoring my old mustang and have not ridden in almost 5 weeks. I will definetly ride the hound & hare on the 14th of October. When I get done with the car we will be back to riding 2-3 times a week. We have a red suburban with a grey enclosed trailer that is painted bright yellow inside. Stop by and introduce yourself.

i'll look for ya, i'm building my woods track at the house,trying to learn how to ride a "real" bike well enogh so that when i get out to the club that i can at least keep up with the ten year olds!ha! ive got an'01 wr426 and the wife's got an'01 ttr225. we're in a red f150 short bed and my riding gear is dutch fatigue pants and grey t-shirt.i'm setting a fashion trend!

just ran across a site www.mototracks.com - list is pretty good but don't know how accurate...

i talked to the belleville enduro team who has the track in belleville - 120 acres trails etc - it is a private club, 20 people on the waiting list, and you need to have a club member spoonsor you to get on that list i dont think that will happen here

i tried calling splinter creek in fosterburg (near alton) no answer

im in edwardsville area and needing to go! i am a beginner - only have about 20 hours on the bike, although i did ride when i was a teenager it seems a little scarier now (but then i was riding a rm100 clone)

let me know if you hear of some good spots around highland etc

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