couple potental 426 buyer question?

Iam planning on buyign a used 02 426 this spring. i have had many quads, right now a raptor. Iam 15 5'10 170 do u think i will be able to handel this bike. Now for the questions..

Is this bike riliable?

How is it on gas and what kinda gas?

How often do u change to oil?

What doe it redline at?

Is it a good hill climber?

What gear cna u get the front end up on?

How the suspension/Handaling compared to raptor?

What power liek compare to raptor?

Is it easy to get more power out of?Not that ill need it.

Would i be to short/small for this bike iam 5'10 170 POUNDS?

Is it a good trail bike? I wouldnt be racing. agressive trail ridding lots of hill climbing in the sand is what it would be used for. thnx?

I am 5' 8" 140. I fit just fine.

1. the 02 is very "reliable"

2. It burns gas ...but 93 octane pump gas works just fine

3. you will get alot of opinions on this one. You need to change it at least every 5 hours of operation ....and clean/replace the filter. It depends on what type of riding you do, how good/fast of a rider you are, what type oil you use etc etc

4. It redlines right after it throws you off the back

5. Are you a good hill climber? The bike will go if you can stay on it

6. You can get the front end up in any gear if you are creative...1-3 gear is no problem though

7. You can't compare an MX bike to a "couch".

8. can't compare the two. A 426 has plenty of power for an inexperienced rider like yourself

9. more power?? yes but you wont need it

10. you would fit perfectly on the bike

11. yes it is a good trail bike.

Re: response from Satch

1) agree, but there must be a better word to use than reliable. They're nearly indestructible.

2) true

3) I don't keep track of time, so I change every 3 rides, unless something odd happens, like when my son let the the clutch run out of free play and got it hot. Then I change it right away. Oil's cheap. the air filter depends on whether I've been mostly in front, or mostly in back, but in dusty SoCal, never more than 3 rides between cleaning.

4)What he said. I think the rev limiter hits at 10,000

5)Yup. If there's a trail of any kind a 426 can climb it.

6)Fourth gear, even. George (the guy who doesn't change his oil) does it all the time.

7)ditto. Besides, all motorcycles handle better than any quad (that should start something, no?)

8) The power is big, and it is always there. But it is a little like comparing the power of an R6 to a Z28.

9) ditto again. Ask this question after you've had it a year.

10) ditto

11) another understatement

For various reasons, I prefer the YZ450, but let's face it, the YZ426 is one of the best motorcycles ever built.

I have an 01 426, and my riding buddy has an 04 raptor. He's ridden my bike once. Up the hill, then back down the hill. His only words: "Give me my quad back. You're nuts." That's the only (firsthand) knowledge I have regarding power between the two.

Also what is the top speed? And on a tank of gas how far couldu go say under just normal fast trilridding condition going say 1/4to 3/4 thottle. and can u get a bigger gas tank for them?if so how much bigger? and are they anoyying like the larger ones on quads were there is a huge hump on the top of the gas tank

not trying to be rude but what other questions could someone possibly have ?? My advice is forget won't be happy because you don't know what you want.


Your questions are ones that we all have had but now know the answers to....because we bought the bike and found out for ourselves. You can wonder yourself to death and never know unless you get on one, ride it and get to know it. If you don't like it or it dosen't fit you...sell it!

I have an '01 that I recently bought and have only ridden twice. Both times I was amazed with the bike. You will love the power/torque and overall handeling this bike offers. It's not a 2 stroke and you won't be able to ride it like one. But for me, learning a different riding style has been part of the fun.

Satch may be right that you are not sure what you want, so if you can ride before you buy I would highly recommend doing that.

ripntear :cry:

These guys are right. Trial and error. Too many questions to answer for dumb reasons. Power, like they said, first off you can't compare quads to bikes. I used to race quads and then I got a bike.. Raptor has about 25hp, 426f has 45 with HALF the weight. Big difference.

Why don't you get a YFZ450 quad?? Best of both worlds. :cry:

top speed - very fast, more than you need

distance on one tank - way more than a 250 2 stroke.

My concern is that if you are asking how a bike and quad compare then maybe you should stay on the quad.

so if you can ride before you buy I would highly recommend doing that.

ripntear :cry:

Try it first, it's another world.

BTW YFM660R - don't they teach spelling at school any longer? :cry:

make sure you have plenty of $$$$$ for repairs(or daddy does) :cry:

Make sure you have plenty of $$$ for medical bills for when you open it up. :cry:

No need for paying any medical bills, I live in canada. And also the reson iam comparing it to my raptor is becuase i have never drivin any kind of dirt bike. So i dont have any dirtbike expereances to compare it to. Iam Prety sure i want a dirt bike, Becuase i want something with more POWER,BETTER,HANDALING,MORE CHALLENGING .And every one i talk to say's that that would be a dirtbike. I will try to get a rider on one before i buy though Iam chooseing between a YZ250F & YZ426F thnx

Let me interject here.....

I had a Honda TRX250R quad for 10 years.... fast, good handling quad. The first time I rode my 426 I couldn't imagine going back to a quad, ever!

The power, manuverability and suspension as so far beyond of what a quad can offer its ridiculous. It will fell very bizarre at first, but once you get the feel for it you'll be in love. Trust me!

Dont be intimidated by the bike or by these guys..... a 426 will haul supreme ass when you want it to, but its also a very easy to ride bike. I learned to ride on mine.

Go for it!

Its an awesome bike. I have an 02 and it is built like a rock, only a whole lot faster. I have been away from riding bikes for quite some years and I love it. It's a geat all rounder, so if you want it for MX or trails it'll work fine. JMHO

thx for the replys guy's

I recently bought a 426 and haven't regretted it, not even once. It's a great bike that's super reliable, powerful, fast and most of all FUN! I've ridden a lot of different types of bikes; 2-stroke, 4-stroke and, yes, even quads :cry: and I love my 426. It does so many things well. My only advice would be for you to sit on one on uneven terrain. These bikes are tall and that can lead to very exciting events in the woods. Good luck!

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