I need Bark Busters, but which ones?????

I have a race coming up and I smashed up my old bars and handguards with them. I was wondering which ALUMINUM handguards to buy. I was looking at enduro engineering but they are a bit pricey an also the moose. I want ones that you don't need to cut the levers (they claim you dont have to with enduro eng.). Thanx for any help. Please, all replies are welcome, yamaha or not. Thanx.

I have Maier aluminum guards with Enduro Engineering plastics. The Maiers are only $26 (I think) at Chapparall and the plastics are about $25. Both have worked well for me, but then again I am stuck to a budget as I am a poor teacher.

i have only run my enduro eng gards for one enduro but i am impressed. i ran aserbies and src in the past. the src were poor. later

I used to run Moose barkbusters when I had my DR, and they held up very well, through two hard years of tree-bangin' in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. You could always tell which direction the trail went, by which side of the trees had all of the bark gone... :)

I just ordered a set of cycra, triple clamp mounted handguards, for my XR, but they have yet to come in. They were pretty pricey, so they had better be damn good... :D

I'll let you know when I get them installed

I second BillyJ's good marks on the Moose hand guards. :)

I have been running a set with very good luck. I smacked the ground two weeks ago so hard I twisted the stock bars up like a pretzel and even the weld on the cross bar. With the Moose hand guards in place I did not even brake a lever. :D

The only thing about the Moose guards is keep all of the mounting hardware they give you. The nut and rubber fuel line works in the stock bars, while the aluminum wedge nuts work in Renthals. If you have Pro Tapers or other "fat" bars make sure you get a set with the correct towers.

I've had good luck with Acerbis Rally Pro Brushguard!! They're aluminium with nylon plastic bonded, so they have more protection than regular bark busters. They come in Honda red, look great & don't restrict steering travel at all with a large 4.7 gal. tank. Cost is about $70.00

It looks to me like Enduro Engineering makes Moose's handguards for them. If you are going this route find out which is cheaper as they are the exact same thing.

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