ArmorAll a plastic IMS tank ??

probably dumb question, but I was wondering if applying ARMORALL onto a red plastic IMS 4.0 gal. tank would just shine it up good .. ?? .. or, damage the already-porous plastic, and ruin it ... too damn expensive to just "experiment" ...

If the plastic on one of our bikes is looking bad, I can get it looking pretty darn good again with a bit of work. You’ll need the following items:

Sand paper in 400, 600, 800, 1000 & 1200 grit for wet sanding

A heat gun

Steel wool #0


Soft cloth

Wet sand the scratched plastic with the appropriate grit of sand paper. The deeper the scratches, the coarser the sand paper you should start with. Work your way up to 1200 grit to get things as smooth as possible. Now use the steel wool to smoothen things out even more. Don’t fret because it’s normal for the plastic to still look crappy. Now take your heat gun and carefully heat up the plastic until you see some of the scratches going away. You have to be careful with this step so as not to scorch the plastic. It takes a bit of practice, but it will help to remove even more of the fine scratches as long as you don’t melt & ruin the piece you’re working on. Don’t worry yet because your plastic is about to look much better in this next step. After the plastic has cooled down, put some Mop-n-Glow on a soft cloth and apply it to the plastic in a straight line (not a circular pattern). Your plastic should be looking much better at this point. You can use the fine steel wool again to help bring out the shine even further, but don’t over do it. Your plastic won’t look brand new, but it should be looking look pretty darn good at this point :cry:

I wrote to IMS asking about the ArmorAll, and they replied it should be fine, go for it , I don't have scratches, (new tank) ... just want it a little shinier to match the rest of the plastic...thx

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