Getting Old tank sticker Off?

Hello All,

I was hoping to get some help out there from some of you old Pro's. I got a Graphics kit for my Son's bike and started peeling off the factory graphics and it is not going too good, it comes off in very small pieces and at this rate it will take forever.

Any idea's?

Also, when putting on the new Graphics, any suggestions would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Methyl Ethyl Ketone M.E.K. made the glue come right off...I still had to peal the sticker off

"Sticker off" may solve your taking off part and "sticker on" will solve your reapplying problems. I also heard windex helps putting them on because you can move the graphics around then squeggie the remaining bubbles out.


1987 Xr250r- 909 Team talls, Millville tires, maier

plastics, ufo universal mx fender, cycra bark busters, k&n airfilter, snorkel removed, and many more experiments.

1961 Honda 90

I use very hot water, just short of boiling. Softens the glue and puls right off. You will have to repeat several times depending on how big the graphic is. That works for the sticker (used it on the factory pin stripe on my chevy too). I have soaked shroud in the tub w/hot water also. If you have glue left over try- goo be gone, wd40 (and elbow grease), carb/brake clnr., gas (if you dare), fingernail polish remover, kerosene, lighter fluid, mineral spritis,you get the picture. I have used all these ideas (plus), what ever is available at the time. I detail cars and bikes on the side. Good luck.

Presure Washer.

hair drier

A friend of mine has a company that sells and sticks vinyl graphics. To remove he uses a heat gun (or hair dryer) and to stick down he uses soapy water in a spray bottle on the surface he's about to sticker, applies the sticker, moves it into position and then uses a squeegy to remove the excess water and make the final 'stick'. He uses methylated spirits as a degreasant.

Hope it helps.

As allready stated, hair dryer. Hold it on there for a minute or so, stick your fingernail under a corner and check to see if it's ready. It'll pull right off after it's properly heated.

Clean the area with de-natured alcohol or contact cleaner before re-applying the new graphics. Then go over the new sticker after applying with a hair dryer to insure proper adhesion.


I pressured washed mine off...not on purpose though :cry: :cry: They came right off pretty damn easy.

Who needs stickers anyways?

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