lighting my yzf400

what do i need to do to my yzf400 motor to be able to run lights??? i have it in an atv and like to ride at night in the dunes...

There isn't an easy (cheap) solution for the YZF.

and there are a few others. The YZFs don't have a stator in them to support battery and lighting. You have to buy the conversion stator and a lighting kits. Which makes the price double of other bikes.

Let me know if you find a kit under $500 for everything.

You need to call For $300 you get a wr stator and flywheel that will work with the yz CDI. All you then need is a headlight and voltage regulator. Maybe $100 for both. The stator puts out 130 watts.

well i'm not looking to spend 500 bucks for lights... so i have a spot for a mc battery ,,, how long do you think lights would last on a battery with no charging system????


I really wouldn't go the way of the batery. If there is any way possible go with the lighting coil. It is so much better in hte long run. I tried to go the cheep way before I got this coil and ended up with the wr setup. Look around sometimes you can find them used here or on e-bay.

And new it wouldnt be $500 for the stator/flywheel/headlight/voltage regualator. Probably just under $400. and if you shop around for a used stator/flywheel maybe you can stay under $300

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