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went astray

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Firecracker, you will like my new, old mount

Bbboom, you might too

but this sure was the first and last bike I bought online, period!

instead of riding in the dirt I will ride my other hobby horse: cleaning

the mice living in there

harvested the potatoes

growing inside the airbox before I got to them 😢


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'01 300

I bought the bike a year ago and just don't have time to ride any more. That's why I'm selling it.

Last winter, I had the suspension rebuilt, front and rear. New seals and fluid, Fabtech revalve in the forks, new shock linkage bearings.

It has new chain and sprockets, new Dunlop 756 tires, Michelin heavy duty tubes and brakes.

It has WP forks, Ohlins shock, 18" rear wheel, FMF Fatty pipe, tapered bars shortened 2" w/Enduro Eng. hand guards.

I have the original headlight, fenders, seat cover and handlebar mounts. b/s

on the pics I got it looked clean and OK

after riding 700 mi to pick her up I was shocked 😢

the bike looked filthy and run down 😢

called hubby for permit to leave the bike

but he told me to cool down and bring the poor thing home 😢

the backtire is new, the pipe was dedented, someone messed with the shock ...

so far so good, but

after a first look into the airbox I started taking off parts to clean them, no to de-cake them

the fork leaks, most needles in the shock linkage bearing miss, the ones on the swing are a lump of rust, so was the chain adjustment and the cheap mx chain, the new chainguide hides the bitemarks in the swingarm, all the chainrollers are dead, the seat cover is torn, the plastic is torn or [w]holy but new white decals hide it all, ALL screws are worn, most washers are gone, the mount is cut off the gastank, the adjusters on the shock look like some retard had spend all day with hammer and chisel, ... 😢

all little things and basicly the bike does WORK

the engine fires right up and does not produce any funny sounds 😢

but so much CRIMSON NECK hurts my heart

I could not knowingly ride a dying bike to death

so I guess it will be another 50 hours of cleaning and replacing things before I can find out if she is grateful and lets me ride her or if she insists on beeing a mans machine🤣

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Funny how some people's description of the bike they are selling can be a little optimistic. After all the really beat up bikes we looked at when I was buying mine, that were "in excellent shape" I'd have a hard time buying a bike without checking it out in person.

Makes you wonder if people even think about maintenance on the poor things or just run em till they die then sell them as good as new?

Hopefully she'll appreciate all the tenderloving care you are giving her. Kinda like a pound puppy. Maybe you can start a home for used & abused dirtbikes fiep!

Is your CRF jealous though? We brought home a pound puppy a couple years ago. Even though he and our old Chow Chow are very much in love, you can't pet one without the other trying to knock you down for pets. Careful next time you take the CRF out, she might be upset over the new addition. 😢

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Is your CRF jealous though?


Duffy and Bunny, the two Xs, get along great


I am shure that flat Duffy had yesterday

was a jell for attention

she did not jet accept the EC, aka Easy,

as their retarded big brother 😢

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