Does anyone have any experience with FMF's new Powercore Q exhaust. My XR600 came with a Supertrap can that is WAY to loud. Are there any other good quiet canisters out there that I should look at?


I have the power core IV and i like it a lot! Not near as loud as the White brother E-series and the Big Gun! It made a quite a difference over stock. Not much experience with any others.

Good luck!

I just put a Turbinecore 2 Q on my CR500, and WOW, what a difference. It's not KDX quiet, but it is WAY more quiet than the factory sound silencer that was on the bike. It's even more quiet than the stock silencer, and, here's the kicker, the bike has more power everywhere than the stock silencer and has a broader and smoother powerband than the factory sound silencer. I know it's not a thumper, but the technology works. We can have quiet AND performance.

The power core IV is a good pipe, it's looks like my procircuit T-4, my friend has a CRF450 and runs the power core IV and likes it. :)

Nate, I'm running the FMF "Q" on my's great!! It's 92decibels, spark-arrested, and has this unbelievable harmonic THUMP at mid-range that sounds like a Huey landing right behind you!!!!!! It really improved the low end & mid-range on the bike with the stock header pipe still installed. No clearance issues at all, it's lightweight & looks great on the bike. You can drive the bike pretty quietly with this muffler when you need to.

I too had a Supertrapp on my 600 and thought it was way too loud. I could not see spending 300 on a new pipe though so I went a different direction. Using a stock pipe with the baffle removed, then adding the White Bros. Hot Tip. The claim is 6 hp gain with only 1.2 dB increase over stock. The power my bike makes now is much better, though it may not have as much top end. I ride tight, rocky, rutted, muddy trails and have found myself to be much faster with the new power curve. Low end is greatly increased as is the middle, and it only costs $55 at

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