Brief opinion needed on rideability of WR 450...

Hello all, I am looking to get some feedback on the 450 as it is going to be my next bike. This WR will see both street and dirt, but mostly street (80/20) in supermoto setup.

My last dual duty bike was a DRZ 400S, and while it was a nice bike it was a little slow for street use and a lot heavy for dirt use. On of the reasons why I bought a YZ 250F shortly after and I absolutley loved that bike! So my thinking is the best of both worlds would be a competent off road machine with enough power and driveability for the street.

So is the WR suitable for my purposes? It seems to be the perfect dual sport bike and I have heard awesome things about it, but thought I would get the opinion of the TT faithful. :cry:

Depending on the speeds you plan on sustaining you may need to play with the gearing. With a 5 speed tranny you will be pulling more RPM's and therefore drinking the fuel. The WR gets thirsty at the higher RPM range. With a motard setup it should be a fun bike. Would love to biuld one myself but dont have the $$$$.

Here was a really awesome one that was sold on ebay: WR450 Supermotard


I lower the rear sprocket a few teeth and disconnect the TPS. That would make a pretty nice street ride. I've ridden mine on the street a few hundred miles, and my only complaint is that the stock gearing is a bit low for highway use.

Did you sell that Duke yet? :cry:

Thanks for the replies so far (Duke is not sold yet, ebay now holds my fate) and I did see that WR on ebay a couple weeks back; I drooled over the picture quite a bit and look foward to having my own version sometime soon.

I did have a question about oil capacity: I know of guys who have converted CRF's and they have had to add an oil resevoir to increase its capacity when riding and I was wondering if the WR was similar.

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