Gas Tank Options

This past weekend, the tank on my 01 WR426 cracked and spewed fuel all over everythng...including my crotch. Now it's time for a new tank. I really like the idea of going with the 4 gal. IMS tank for the WRs. IMS also makes a 3.4 gal tank for the YZs that will fit the WRs if I go for a YZF seat and shrouds. I'm a firm believer that with gas tanks for desert riding, bigger is better so my first instinct is to go with the 4 gal WR tank. I have, however, hreard a lot about the better ergos of the YZF set up. The width of the stock WR seat/tank really hasn't bothered me (I'm coming off of an old RM465 with a 4.5 gal desert tank,. so I guess I was used to it). Does anyone out there have any experience with both set ups? Are the improved ergos from the YZf set up worth the cost of a seat and shrods and the reductin in range going from the 4 gal to the 3.4 gal tank? All opinions (preferrably experience based) are welcome!

I have an '02 WR 426. I put my buddies OEM YZ seat and tank on for one race, and the difference was amazing. It was like putting on a new front tire, only better.

Since, I bought an IMS YZ tank and an SDG YZ seat (tall). This fit right up, using the stock WR shrouds. The IMS carries the fuel lower, so right off the bat the bike feels like it lost weight. Also, its narrower and flatter, so the ERGO's are much improved. Standing and getting forward on the bike is MUCH better, and sitting up on the tank to carve a turn is night and day.

I ran this tank over 75 miles of hard trail riding one Saturday, and gave away two pint bottles of fuel during that ride. I made it back to camp without hitting reserve. That's enough for me!

The IMS tank moves the petcock to the left side. This puts the fuel line too close to the header pipe, so you need to either cut it shorter so it doesn't sag down, or use a zip tie somewhere to hold it tighter so it doesn't melt on the head pipe.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this setup AT ALL.

:cry: :cry:

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