A GOOD CLEANING AGENT? for alum. and such

I am just looking for a good cleaner that will put some shine on the metal parts of the bike. Forks, radiators, and such. I have always used simple green to cut the grease, but what else is out there. Is a crome polish to harsh for the forks?

Leave your forks alone, polish all your shiny's with Mothers.

Eagle one ETCHING metal cleaner. Spray on, leave for thirty seconds, rinse. If you have a pressure washer it would be better yet. Do only a little at a time.

I wash my bike with simple green and then use Maxima MC1 detail spray, that stuff is awsome, spray it on and let it sit about 5 min. and buff off or just leave it on! You will get an incredible shine! :cry: :cry:

Mother's Aluminum polish

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