exhaust interchangability

Does anyone know if '03 450 pipes will fit '00 426?

Don't think so. The mount points on the subframe for the mid-pipe and muffler would be different.

with a dremmel tool it will fit.

I've heard that a 426 pipe will fit the 450, but I'm not sure about the other way around.

Well, I decided to research this possiblity and made a contour template with a wire hanger,took a few mounting hole measurments and headed off for the local dealership.I had asked these "experts" preveiously and was told it was impossible and that the 450 was a comepletely new bike with a totally different frame and subframe.I had also seen a subframe advertised with a single part # covering both bikes.As it turned out I couldn't find any significant difference when comparing my template and mounts to a new bike. I ordered a pipe and it fit without any trouble. I just have to cut some slots in the slip-on end and use my old clamp as the 426's header has a slightly smaller O.D.

I have both and I checked yesterday, and the subframe mounting points are slightly different. I could make the rear mount match up, and the front mount would be off(near your right foot). If the front mount was screwed in and tight, the rear mount was off by a smidgeon (technical term :cry:). I think I could run the pipe without the front mount bolted in and it would be fine. This was done with a 2000 YZ426 and a 2004 YZ450 and the pipe tested was a 2000 YZ426 FMF Power Core 4. I will try it wit the stocker today.


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