fowled spark plugs??? Newbie needs more help

-87 xr600

I know very little about 600's or any motorcycles for that matter so excuse me for some of my more basic questions. latest problem is that my plugs seem to be fowling. A few weeks ago my bike was having starting issues, so I replaced the plug,(that turned out to be fowled) and cleaned out the carbs, which seemed to fix the problem. Over these past couple weeks however, the bike is again becoming increasingly more difficult to start. Why are the plugs fowling? Is it a jetting issue? I just ordered several of those NGK iridium Plugs to see if they would make a difference, but I have yet to receive them. Any advice would help...thanks a bunch :cry:

The only way a plug could get "fowled" is if you have a bird stuck in you airbox. Turkey, chicken, pheasant...yellow bellied sap sucker....something like that. If you have been doing a lot of water crossings, it could be a duck, goose, merganser, common know....a water fowl. First thing to do check your airbox for the offending avian. While you are in there, you could clean your air filter. :cry:

Check the float level and clean the carb. and the air filter. :cry:

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