Cheap "Grippy" Frame Guards

3M makes an adhesive tape called "Safety Walk Indoor/Outdoor Tread". It looks like grey spray in bed liner material for a pickup but it comes in strips or on a roll. It is a rubber based saftey tread that provides great grip on the bike and protects the frame from your boots while not tearing up your boots like a sand or grit based product would. I bought the 2" wide by 5 yard roll for about $15, which is enough to do at least a dozen XR650Rs. I used approx 12" of tape on each side of my bike from the curve that goes under the seat to just above the peg. Just clean the frame with contact cleaner, trim, and stick.

I first saw this done on Tim Ferry's Factory Yamaha YZ426. It is cheap, works great, and the only thing it does not do is provide any extra protection for the rear brake master.

I have found that it falls off too easy... use super glue and it is awesome. :)

just use skateboard tape

I like the idea, but I too ripped it off after a time. When you use super glue, do you practically coat the stuff?



Yeah, before I got real frame gaurds I was using about a tube of super glue for both sides. I just put a nice even coat on the sticky side, not too thick though. Suckers were too damn hard to get off- they're still on unda the frame gaurds! :)

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