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YZ250f cooling fan installation?

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Have any of you installed a cooling fan for the low speed really technical stuff. We ride some trails that border on trials riding. Typically the bike doesn't overheat, but I am sure that a cooling fan would help for the long slow sections. I know that KTM has a kit for this purpose, but I am not sure what it would take to install in on a Yami.

Any advise would be appreciated.


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Sorry for bringing up so old theme, but I want to show my cooling fan solution :)


So, I have regular 120mm, 0.2A PC fan (around 100 cfm), and rechargable 6500mAh battery. I have installed baterry on left fork, and fan on left radiator and zip tie it. I belive that I can run that fan even without battery, but I didn't checked yet.




IMG_1442238200453_V.jpg 20160414_170407.jpg 20160414_172251.jpg 20160414_175311.jpg


I ride mostly enduro (tight woods section and hill climbs), and it works perfectly. No signs of overboil... Fan is partialy waterproof (it works even when its fully wet).


Test ride was done when outside temp was 12°C, so I guess that for hotter days I need only to buy fan with more cfm (135-150 top).


Now I want to find thermal switch (for radiator fins - like the one on trail tech kit) that will automaticly turn on the fan at 95°-100°C, and turn off at 90°C.

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I have made my own radiator fan out of a 12volt brushless processor fan i secured it with some metal wire and honda bond holding it in place its wired off my headlight in a way that it will work with it off but i have a switch for it behind my headlight and they both work at the same time.

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new fan: SUNON 12V, 10W, 0.84A, 140CFM




digital thermal switch: w1209




programming: ON 95°C, OFF at 90°C (sry on bad pic :) )




everything on place and ready to go:




fan and probe installed:




battery OFF:






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