XR 600 Valve adjustment question.

I'm going to adjust the valves on my friends 94 XR600 for him this weekend and I have a question.

The factory Honda manual gives you valve clearances for the 2 intakes and the left exhaust valve. There is no clearance listed for the right exhaust valve. It also states that at TDC the right exhaust valve will be pushed down slightly from the decompressor. On my XR400 you just put it at TDC and all 4 valve adjusters are loose. I'm a little confused.

So, after I adjust the 2 intakes and the left exhaust do I just rotate the crank a little to take the pressure off the right exhaust valve and then adjust it. Also, should I assume the clearance for the right exhaust valve is the same as the left exhaust valve.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.




I've done a lot of work on XR600's and adjusting the valves is something you have to do all the time. Like your were saying .004 on the intake and .005 on the Exhaust. Adjust the two intake and left exhaust @ TDC. Rotate the crank until the decompression valve becomes loose and adjust the last valve. I always pulled the plug to find TDC just to be sure.

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