Rim locks

I alway ballance my wheels now. Last ballance (02 520EXC)with one rim lock per rim, took 85 grams in the front and 135 grams in the rear to ballance true (less then 1 gram margin, remember approx. 28 grams to each ounce), that is over a 1/4 pound on the rear! Made the ride noticeably smoother on higher speed runs. Also on highway stretches I could watch my buddies rear tires practically bouncing/hopping off the road because of the unballance. A great way to counter act the rim lock is to mount two (of the same brand) directly across from each other.

Ballance, its worth the effort.


Santa Cruz, Ca

Hey Digital Soldier. I think the weights they put on to balance the tire should have helped. He probably put on the wrong amount of weight. :cry:

Yeah, it was an insane amount of weight. There were two individual weights that were about 5 oz. each! :cry:

I have been riding the bike a little over 2 weeks now with no weights, with no problems on road or off. High speed is fine too.

Thanks again Indy on the tip for the tires. I really worked them yesterday, and am completely stoked on them. The other guys I ride with are running some narrow Pirelli's (MT21's) and had some traction issues. My ride was really hooking up on EVEYTHING. :cry: Ahhhhh, third gear wheelies, my favorite! :cry:

Yeah those Michelin Baja rear tires are great! :cry: I should have put them on for Moab instead of my experiment with the trials tires! Painfully expensive experience! :cry:

That sucks about the Trials tires. I was a little skeptical about some of the reviews on them. I think they would be good in most stuff, but I think the tread pattern is too closely gapped for the sludge we get caught in. (part clay, part mud =sludge) Buying a bad set of tires (or anything for the bike) really chaps my A$$. Nothings cheap either.

Oh yeah, do you run the Baja front tire? If not have you ever? What are you sportin up front?

about rimlocks

euro model 400 has two, I lent one rear to a friend who had none on his KTM 660 and never got a tyre spin until he flattened it...than it rotated wildly :cry:

rim lock is not really nedee if the tyre is not inflated under 1 bar

i ride my one lock in every possible conditions, from track to woods to hill climbs and it kind of holds even when situation has a 0,6 bar inflation desire

about tyre change if not written already (no time to read)

first insert the tube into new tyre and then start mounting it on the rim - no problem with locks and tube valve

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