Free XR 600

Just Kidding,

Now that I have someone's attention, Is there a trick to getting a question answered on this board?

Everytime I post a question on the XR400 board I get more answers then I know what to do with. I've posted three questions on this board about my buddy's XR 600 and never gotten a single answer. Do I need a special decoder ring or a secret handshake?

My last post was entitled "XR 600 valve adjustment question" Could someone please help us out and give us a little help? Please...


Have you tried searching the archives for that subject(valve adjustment) I'm sure it's been discused before.Also you might try the yahoo board cause there is quite a few people there who might know....Hard to give advice when you don't have one of you own but my 650 does something similar so I just rotate the crank a little until I know I'm on the heel of the cam then adjust away....Hope this helps......

If I remember right the 600s valves adjusted to Int-.004 and Ex-.006 (verify this) and both were adjusted the same respectively. For the left exhaust valve make sure there is free play in the compression release (when you get the covers off, reach in there and pull the rocker up and down and operate the compression release at the same time, you'll feel it take up). If setting the valve lash to .004 for example, adjust so a .004 feeler gauge goes with a little drag and a .005 won't go. If you don't have experience knowing how tight the lock nuts should be, check the manual and use a torque wrench on one you can get it on so you can get the feel for the ones you can't. If these lock nuts are over tightened future valve adjustment are harder because after the threads are pulled from over tightening, the clearance changes as they are tightened and you wind up doing it multiple times.


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